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How to stay awake during night feeds part 8 - bring your snacks and join the fun!

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GoatBongosAnonymous Tue 05-Mar-13 15:20:29

Here we go at 7001 messages!

ratbagcatbag Sun 24-Mar-13 00:35:30

Hi bb, sharing sleeplessness here, cat bag had her feed and is not seeming to settle at all sad and she'll want another feed at 2:30, snuggles for another ten mins then going to try and put her in Moses basket. DH now sleeping through her crying so all on me, but he does take her morning and evening so I can catch up an hour or twos sleep.

SoYo Sun 24-Mar-13 01:05:55

Checking in for 2nd feed. She's been very settled all day so not very hopeful for the night! Bad day here, the heating & hot water packed up overnight so we've spent the day huddling round the fire with 6 inches of snow outside! Very expensive plumber has rescued us though.

MrsNPattz Sun 24-Mar-13 03:12:02

First feed here - he's missed out the early one which is good, but hope he doesn't replace that with more later on! We have left the heating on so it's a much more reasonable temp in here smile

Amey is there no way hubby will do a night for you? Lack of sleep is just awful so I hope he will help!

Little man is wide awake - great!

SoYo Sun 24-Mar-13 05:09:15

Feeding since 4 & MN was down...disaster! She's still wide awake & I'm starting to struggle to keep the eyes open. No point putting her down awake though!

MrsNPattz Sun 24-Mar-13 08:09:27

Yea MN was down for me too! We were up for an hour earlier, and then now, so kind of an improvement if he had just gone straight back down!

Hopefully going to get more sleep once hubby is up, but I need to make lunch so it won't be for long.

Brain how are things with your partner now? Hope it has improved.

SoYo Sun 24-Mar-13 09:09:13

Bloody nightmare night. Finally went down after 2 transfer fails at 5.25, woke up again screaming at 6.10. Woke hubby up & packed him off downstairs with her to give her a bottle. Exhausted today & already worried about tonight.

abi2790 Sun 24-Mar-13 09:36:52

We had an okay night last night smile We were up about 1 & 6;30. He went back down for an hour at 7 then we decided to have a little co-sleep cos we were both knackered! It was really nice smile Not done that since he was really little. Although I woke up with a dead arm!

EeyoresGloomyPlace Sun 24-Mar-13 12:33:29

Hi guys, I've missed a few nights so got lots of posts to catch up on tonight. Last night was too tired to post but the night before I had a really good one so can't moan t

EeyoresGloomyPlace Sun 24-Mar-13 12:39:04

Stoopid phone <mutters>

Was going to say: can't moan too much smile

In the car with babylump, DM and DF on our way to visit DSis at rehab, bit nervous really now as I've got so many conflicting feelings about it all. Obviously I miss her but I'm so angry at a lot of what she's done. We all got sent questionnaires to fill in this week to help her treatment and I did feel a bit better for ranting on there bit it also made me realise how deeply her illness has hurt and affected all of us sad I just so want this treatment to work.

Sorry to moan. Hope you're all having lovely Sundays, catch up later on.

Heff xx

funchum8am Sun 24-Mar-13 14:11:53

heff good luck for your visit. I really hope your dsis is on her way out of the woods.

Terrible night here - babyfunch still gets stuck on her front and wakes yelling about every 20 mins from about 4am onward! I cannot wait til she can move about more freely. she can roll front to back but only if her arms are up rather than by her sides at the moment.

GoatBongosAnonymous Sun 24-Mar-13 20:54:21

Last night was better, three hour-long wakings but fairly settled between. Long may this continue. Still off to gp tomorrow though, Kid is in there sounding like Darth Vader on speed.
heff hope the visit went ok.
Sorry to hear about poorly babies and bad nights. I have decided that the head of the cots are actually Charlie's Angels type hidden TVs. After we leave them in there, the babies whip out the remote controls, roll down the facade, and start conversing with each other through these consoles. How else do they all get the same ideas at the same time?
bb really hope your night is better tonight. I went through two weeks of being unbelievably ratty, was absolutely nothing but sleep deprivation. It's a killer.

MrsNPattz Sun 24-Mar-13 21:00:51

It's official - I am a domestic goddess! Cleaned and washed, and cooked lunch for 7 this weekend. And tomorrow the hamster wheel starts again!!

Little man has his 6 month review tomorrow - anyone know what this involves?

Oh Heff, I really hope the visit went ok. It must be so hard thanks

Lol @ goat - I think you are right!!

abi2790 Sun 24-Mar-13 22:54:49

DS went to sleep about half an hour ago so hopefully will have a long sleep smile We've had quite a good day today. Usually he let's himself get overly tired and screams at me like it's my fault! But today we had none of that which was relaxing smile

See you in a few hours ladies! I hope everyone gets plenty of sleep smile

Smallgreenone Mon 25-Mar-13 02:00:13

Hope dsis ok heff
Knackered. Baby small is a bit unsettled tonight although think he may have just gone back to sleep. We are down to 2oz now so soon to cut out this feed all together <dreams>
How is baby bee amey?

BrainGoneAwol Mon 25-Mar-13 02:51:11

mrsn things with dp are much better. After my complete meltdowns we agreed that dp would do settling up to 11pm and after 6am (unless babybrain is due a feed). It's much better. Interestingly babybrain has stopped waking so much. It might be coincidence, but he now goes nearly 4 hours between feeds. I wonder if dp helping has helped reinforce to babybrain that he won't get feed all the time.

Dp is getting tired but now does appreciate how hard it is a lot more...and made the suggestion of helping to cut out one of the night feeds <faints>

amey hang in there. Can dh help at all? Even if you still have to do the bulk of it just sharing a tiny bit helps enormously with the emotional strain. Might dh agree to doing a shift in the way my dp has?

heff I hope the visit was ok. Sounds like the opportunity to get some of it off your chest was helpful. Things can be so hard for family and you do need to be supported too...

abi do you have any rough pattern where you can anticipate ds needing to sleep so you can help him nap before he gets so tired?

goat yes grin. They definitely plot.

Poor babybrain has got a horrible cold and is all snuffly. Dosing him with calpol seems to be the only way to get him to sleep. Poor mite sad

Sleepy dust to all

SoYo Mon 25-Mar-13 03:47:15

Sorry for all the poorly babes, seems to be lots of snuffles, colds & bad breathing going round...hopefully it'll all settle within a couple of days! Doesn't help the resting when you've got a DH snoring on one side of you and a baby on the other!

Heff hope you're ok after the visit. It's so hard but you just have to hope it helps. My cousin's 3months out after year in rehab & so far, so good. It was awful at the time though & he had no concept what he'd put everyone through over the years...does seem to now though.

Goat I'm sure you're right, there's some form of baby conspiracy. Mine has got the idea from somewhere (BabyNet perhaps) that its hilarious to pretend to be asleep until we try to have dinner & scream blue murder the second food hits plate.

Brain thanks for the sleepy dust, worked a treat here. Last feed was at 10-10.50 & we're just up again 15mins ago, longest ever overnight stretch. Think she as some form of conspiracy with DH! Usually she'd wake at 1 & he'd agreed to do that feed tonight for the first time but she's slept through it & as tempting as it would be to get him to do this one, boobs are already slightly rock like so probably not worth it.

larlemucker Mon 25-Mar-13 05:20:07

Morning all, I'm up expressing as baby larle has been asleep since 9.30!!!!! shock
We didn't let him nap for longer than an hour yest so not sure if that's why or my sister drugged him when she babysat this eve
Big mucker had baby larle while Dh took me out for pizza as an early birthday treat. He had a bath with his cousin and was a very good boy. He has had a very social weekend as at a 40th badly party yest.
small hope the cold clears up soon and doesn't spread round the family.
heff I hope the visit went well, I can't imagine what you are going through but we're all here for support if you need to vent

Right going back to bed as bloody freezing in living room

MrsNPattz Mon 25-Mar-13 05:42:13

Second feed here, first feed was half 11 but I read the thread and then forgot to post!

I'm so sick of eBay! Hubby and I put an auction on each to sell those Reading tickets, and somehow they have accidentally bid on on both and won both. They then said they would cancel the payment on mine on Saturday but didn't, so last night I threatened to open a buyer hasn't paid case and leave negative feedback and now they are being so rude! I'm never selling anything on there again hope it wasn't one of you haha

Little man is wide awake, groan!

abi2790 Mon 25-Mar-13 06:35:35

2nd feed here... Hopefully he will go back to sleep for a while smile

Hi brain. Yep he shows signs when he's tired he just won't sleep. I try settling him or putting him down in his crib or swing but he just doesn't sleep until he's overly tired. He just plays around kicking blankets off himself and putting his legs through the gaps of the crib. He then gets so tired he refuses to eat or sleep and I have to rock him for about half an hour so he will sleep for a little bit then eat.

funchum8am Mon 25-Mar-13 06:41:05

Sorry to hear of bad nights. We too have been visited by the snot fairy and are cold central with babyfunch in full cold mode and me following her a day or so behind. Terrible night, and I felt so bad with my earplugs in trying to ignore. I did declare cold related emergency so work alertness could go out of the window and I would get up and help but daddyfunch sorted it all in the end. (I am appropriately grateful, rest assured!) Babyfunch is the smiliest girl in the world this morning though, not sure why!!

Brain sounds like you and DP have it sorted!

Mrsn I can't face eBay selling after some of the stories I have heard on here, though I have never had a bad experience myself. Have only just successfully resolved a situation with a plumber who owed me £100 and it really annoyed me.

Goat these babies have clearly only just got babyfunch wired up to their system but she seems to in on the team play now sad

MissingMyMarbles Mon 25-Mar-13 08:12:43

We too have a really nasty cold and coughsad I have had it the last couple of days but feel much better and seemingly out of the blue, Missmarbles woke up only an hour after bedtime with horrendous snot. After a very rubbish start, she didn't sleep too badly and was only up twice between 11 and 7; not bad given how blocked her little nose is and how bad her cough is.

There is definitely a baby conspiracy! grin

eBay selling is a complete hassle. I buy on there quite a lot but selling is so stressful. Some people are just out to try it on. I sold a steriliser and a full set of bottles for a friend for pennies and someone complained about it, things that I am pretty sure weren't true and I hadn't found with it, but it is so difficult to prove itangry

Happy Mondays, people.

larlemucker Mon 25-Mar-13 10:18:20

Wish me luck today ladies as today I have to speak to the MIL as last thurs she left DS crying for 15 minutes, despite us telling her we didn't want him left crying, as there were no tears so it wasn't a proper cry. Poor baba has never been left for that long, he was overtired and a gentle rock would have sent him to sleep. Instead he cried himself to sleep hmm

MrsNPattz Mon 25-Mar-13 12:36:06

I've just been really upset by my health visitor at little man's 6 month review. She basically said that he should be fed by a spoon, shouldn't be breast feeding as much, and shouldn't be waking in the night. He has also dropped from the 25th to the 9th centile which is, according to her, because he's not eating enough solids. Feel totally crap about it all now sad

Brain so glad things are better!

Yea I certainly won't be selling anything on eBay again!

MrsNPattz Mon 25-Mar-13 12:36:27

Good luck Larle!!

GoatBongosAnonymous Mon 25-Mar-13 14:53:27

Good luck, larle ! And well done for sticking to your guns.

mrsn please please don't let your hv make you feel bad. If you had got someone else they would have complained because you weren't doing enough bow, or something else. I learned very, very fast to pay them absolutely no heed, or honestly, I would be a mess by now. Having a prem meant I saw rather a lot of them, and also having a prem, I realised early that mostly they have no idea how a prem operates, but feel they need to say something in order to earn their keep. The pictures on fb show a lovely, happy little boy - keep your conviction!
Sorry, rant over - can you tell I feel strongly about this? wink

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