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Any way to get 20 week old to have more milk during day?

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georgyporgie Tue 05-Mar-13 09:19:53

Posted recently as ds has started waking up almost every hour between 1 & 7 when before from the beginning he'd sleep from 7 to 11 (dreamfeed) to 3 to 7. Now he still sleep perfectly between 7-11 but from 1am wakes almost every hour - only wanting food at 1 & 3 though- will suffice with a hug from dh after that bizarrely. I'm breastfeeding him.

Now figured that this might be because he's getting more distracted during the day when he feeds (every 3 hours- 10 min max at each boob which has always been the way) so isn't getting as much. Any suggestions as to how I can encourage him to take more at each feed? I feed him in the nursery, which is free of distractions etc and have tried every 2 hours, but he's just not interested.

I wanted to hold off on weaning as i don't think he's ready (although cramming hands into mouth, plays around with fruit that we leave on his highchair over last few days) - also because milk is far more nutritious for him & filling that weaning him would be at this stage.

My HV etc are useless and there seems to be nowhere that actually gives advice that would help so I really don't know where to turn with this. I realise that it will pass in time (I hope) but it's making him grumpy during the daytime now too.

Obviously I don't advocate a foie-gras approach ( oh I do- I do! But ds isn't liking being the goose in all of this ) but is there anything that might work to encourage more milk taking during day??

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