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Bottle to beaker?!?!

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balkanscot Mon 04-Mar-13 23:14:29

My DS (10.5 months) has recently completely gone off his bottle after a bout of cold + teething. So I've started giving him his milk in a Tommee Tippee freeflow sippy cup. At first I thought he had gone of his milk as well as his bottles but it appears that he is just not interested in his bottles only - keeps spitting the teat out after taking 1 oz max.

However, he appears to happily (more or less) take milk from the sippy cup, even the bedtime one (I read him a story on the sofa and give him the cup to drink from/or hold it for him to drink).

He doesn't seem to be bothered about the comfort factor of a bottle. To be honest, I wish he kept his bottle until his 1st birthday as I found it easier to give him bottles rather than trying to get his milk in a cup - and that's simply because he doesn't guzzle kike he did via the bottle. But I guess this is the point of getting them onto the cup, so that they learn how to sip.

willowsun Mon 04-Mar-13 14:58:00

this is always a tricky one
no i never gave milk in a beaker at night time better to keep to a bottle for bedtime more comforting

Londonmummy2012 Mon 04-Mar-13 14:39:05

Into daughter is 8 months and I've been trying to get on off the bottle onto a beaker. Today I've decided to go cold turkey and just start giving her beaker, no bottle. The only thing I was wondering is do any other parents give their baby their bedtime milk in a beaker too?

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