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reSsure me - where is the end of the tunnel?

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Iggly Tue 05-Mar-13 21:14:15

Ours was never really resolved because dd had a lip tie too which wasnt snipped. The biting feeling did stop but her feedin was never really effective. Do go back and have it all checked again.

McBaby Tue 05-Mar-13 21:00:24

It took us a good two weeks from the cut to feeding being comfortable. I hope you get there soon it is so painful.

itoldyouyouwouldntlikeit Tue 05-Mar-13 17:32:10

Thanks, visited the chiropractor today & they were encouraging. She commented on the tongue tie, saying it had been restrictive as they could tell from the shape of dd s mouth. They also said feeding should improve in the next 2 weeks & it would take a while for dd to learn how to suck correctly. Fingers crossed...

McBaby Tue 05-Mar-13 10:00:47

Get the tongue checked again we had scar tissue growth which needed cutting again.

BuntyCollocks Tue 05-Mar-13 04:01:00

The tie hasn't regrown, has it? What type of tie was cut? If anterior, it's possible there's a posterior one that was missed, or the original cut didn't go deep enough. Feel under the tongue with your finger - do you feel a 'speed bump' ?

How is her tongue elevation? There's a common misconception that if a baby can stick the tongue out then a tie will cause no issues feeding - the real issue is in the elevation and range of movement of the tongue. She should be able to lift it to the roof of her mouth whilst her mouth is fully open. Is there any 'cupping' of the tongue, ie, where the side curls when she's crying?

Does she have a lip tie? This is where the top lip is tethered to the gum by a tie. My dd has just had a lip tie divided, and her posterior tongue tie redone, and what a difference it has made. Previous to this, she still chomped.

Also, consider some cranial sacral therapy or osteo for your dc - it will loosen the tensions caused by the ties. Again - HUGE difference for us.

LillyofWinchester Mon 04-Mar-13 14:13:36

Firstly congratulations for overcoming the first few weeks, you have done really well. I agree that having stuck with it for 8 weeks it would be a shame to switch to formula if you can sort the biting feeling out.
Have you been to any local breastfeeding clinics to see if they can suggest something or help with her latch? Or maybe call one of the helplines and see what they can suggest.
I have a 7 week old & although he didn't have tongue tie his latch was making me very sore up until about 5 weeks when I got some advice from the hospital drop in clinic. They suggested a different way to enable him to stop his latch slipping & now it feels miles better and I don't dread feeding him anymore. Before I went to the clinic I was feeling really low and not knowing how I could carry on.
How about going to a BF clinic or speak to an expert on the phone and then set yourself a goal of sticking with it for X number of weeks more to give the advice a chance to work? Then review at the end of that time and see how you feel.
Good luck

itoldyouyouwouldntlikeit Mon 04-Mar-13 13:55:44

BF DD1. After weeks of pain when feeding she had a tongue tie cut at 6 weeks, she is now nearly 8 weeks and feeding still feels like she is biting. Can now do some feeds without shields, however she seems to like to feed a lot so end up putting them on,....
Seeing as I've come this far am reluctant to switch to formula just yet but BF is not fun.
Anyone had any similar experience?

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