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Cool boiled water and sugar or (gulp) glycerine suppository for EBF 5wo who hasn't pooed in 4 days?

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roamingwest Wed 27-Feb-13 19:52:23

....granted she's a bit squirmy and farty but.... This is the advice given by the GP; the PHN at BF group said just to wait it out? Thoughts on whose advice to follow? smile

paperclips Sat 02-Mar-13 18:48:32

LOL peeriebear that made me properly guffaw!

Read this thread because DS (5 months) hasn't been since tuesday, so 4 days ago. I think he's waiting till we are out somewhere in polite company. I've been avoiding putting him in nice clothes.

Tiny bit concerned because he's usually pretty regular, but he seems fine, not uncomfortable at all, tummy soft.

Whenever I baby poop habits to my mum she takes pleasure in describing how I would save them up and do huge ones when I was a baby.

SilverSky Sat 02-Mar-13 18:51:54

Apparently its a sign they are growing well as absorbing all the bm. I'd def wait it out. Four days is no time at all.

monkeypuzzeltree Sat 02-Mar-13 21:55:46

Your post made me laugh, my DS us now 7 months but in those early days he was able to go days between dirty nappies. It feels like a long time ago already! The record was 17 days. I kid you not.

I went to the docs, saw a bf lady in that time and asked here and everyone said to wait. I know it feels wrong but as long as there are wet nappies, baby is fine generally then it really is fine. By day 17 my patience was wavering. I bought a bottle of prune juice. Got home from the shops, showed it to him, put it on the side and half an hour later, well I'll spare you the details! The bottle is still in the cupboard, not sure what i will ever do with a litre of prune juice!

After that, he was often going 7 days between dirty nappies. Not so these days though!!

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