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Reducing from two bf to one (stopping night) , advice please

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babanouche Thu 28-Feb-13 09:48:07

I guess you have to just try and see what he's happy with. He's getting his main nutrition from solids now. I'd try him with 4/5 oz and see how you go.

They say by the time you've been breastfeeding for a year your supply can take care of itself. Personally I wouldn't worry about expressing, especially if you're planning on stopping altogether in the next few months.

Well done on on hitting the year mark! And good luck with work.

cravingyorkiebar Wed 27-Feb-13 19:46:58

Thanks for replying. Sorry, I should have put in more information.

He's on three meals a day & snacks and drinks water from a cup. He is bf when he wakes at around 6am and before he goes to bed at around 645 pm but not fed to sleep. He isn't fed during the night.

I need to stop the pre-bed feed as I won't be home but plan to keep the morning feed going for a little bit longer - purely because I don't want him to go 'cold turkey' at a time of change! I do want to stop bf completely over the next few months, just not sure how to slowly reduce it with the least hassle for him!

babanouche Wed 27-Feb-13 18:28:06

I think it depends entirely on your LO. Is he eating solids well or is milk still a big source of nourishment? If the night feed is more for comfort then you could try weaning him off it by cuddling him when he wakes. That's how I dropped a night feed with my LO.

cravingyorkiebar Wed 27-Feb-13 11:42:42

Hi, DS is 11 months old and bf morning and evening. I need to stop the evening feed as going back to work in 6 weeks and I'm not sure how to stop..!

I plan to try defrosted expressed as I have some anyway and then I guess formula until he is one? Does anyone rate follow on milk after one or is cows milk fine?

He will take water from a cup so I'm hoping he will be ok with milk (not fed to sleep) - but how much milk should he take bearing in mind I won't know how much he has had at the other feed? I plan to feed him in the morning only for a little bit longer - will my breasts manage that or would I need to express to keep supply?

Thanks for any advice

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