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Really really hungry 2 week old mix feeding

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tiktok Fri 01-Mar-13 10:20:53

Shame your midwife seems unable to help.

No - literally constant feeding for three hours is not normal, but it is not unusual for a baby of this age to be at the breast all that time. Your baby will not be feeding intensely every minute of that time - in the three hours she will be stopping and starting and showing no signs of wanting to come off for long, and this is normal...not being 'satisfied' is also normal, because it is normal for young babies to show their need to be close to the breast even when not actually hungry.

It seems exasperating that your midwife has not helped you form a plan to reduce the formula - there is no way anyone can make enough milk if formula is being offered though some women do manage a reasonable mixed feeding regime and maintain breastfeeding alongside formula. This is not often done starting as early as this, though....the whole breastmilk production line will not get going with too much formula, too soon. That's the biology of it.

All the tips in the world can't overcome that one!

Maybe it would help you to talk to someone in real life, say on a breastfeeding helpline?

Cupcakemummy85 Fri 01-Mar-13 09:44:58

After talking to the midwife today I'm left feeling a little defeated. She has no idea what to suggest other than I might not b making enough milk to satisfy my lo. She said constant feeding for three hours is not normal and not being satisfied after three hours is not normal and I do agree with that. So I will keep topping up with breast milk or formula until I either dry up or my dd becomes more of a regular feeder. Does anyone have any tips for increasing my milk supply? And please don't say stop top ups and feed for five hours straight lol

tiktok Thu 28-Feb-13 21:01:58

Cupcake, if you have been giving a lot of formula, then just dropping the lot in one go is not realistic - you need to reduce over a few days.

It's not possible to say if you have no milk left or not - squeezing nipples doesn't tell you. But feeding for three hours is not unusual in a situation where a baby i) enjoys sucking ii) enjoys being close to you iii) is trying to build up a supply...though no one can claim it is easy.

It might be helpful to work out a plan to reduce the top ups at the same time as feeding more on the breast - I think it's a poor show that the midwife seems unwilling or unable to help. You do need a proper plan, with an HCP involvement to check all is well.

PedlarsSpanner Thu 28-Feb-13 20:23:15

what you can get out, manually or by pump, is a really poor indicator of supply - baby much more efficient.

Is there anyone nearby - parents, ILs, family, friends? - who could come and entertain DD1 whilst you feed feed feed for the next day or two?

pop her back on your breast each time she squeaks today, and through the night.

and a period of ceebeebies for DD1 won't harm her, DVDs too.

Cupcakemummy85 Thu 28-Feb-13 20:01:58

I really tried today just to breastfeed and not give any top ups but after three hours feeding constantly I had to give her a formula top up. She is such a hungry baby. I squeezed my nipples and I have nothing left. I can't squeeze anything out!! And I have her two ounces and she wants more! What's going on? The midwife said there was no point doing a visit today cause she can't see how she can help. sad

McBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 14:34:12

Scar tissue can form after a tongue tie so I would get it checked out again, but it took us a good two weeks after the cut for feeding to be comfortable.

tiktok Wed 27-Feb-13 14:04:51

Cupcake, babies will often take large amounts of formula after feeding on the breast. It does not mean your breasts were 150 ml 'short' as babies of this age will suck because they need that contact and comfort.

Caring for a baby and a young toddler is so hard - anyone would find it difficult and as you say, she is too young to play much on her own or get absorbed in anything. Is it possible to get help and support so you are not doing it all?

It does not sound to me that there is an issue with the quantity of your milk - but the practicalities of bf and caring for a toddler need to be sorted out. Formula feeding may not make this aspect any easier - dd2 may well still need a lot of feeding, holding, comforting.

Cupcakemummy85 Wed 27-Feb-13 13:10:08

My daughter did have tongue tie but it was snipped a week ago and it made a big of difference but not a lot. My daughter latched on well but the pain I experience is like a pinching feeling, I think when she is doing a comfort suck. I'm nearly at my wits end with it all and I was really hoping to breast feed but I can't keep up with her demands. It's more than constant feeding. She had 150mls of ready milk and was still hungry! Last night she had 4oz f formula which is a lot and she took the lot, wouldn't settle until she had more milk from me and she isn't on for a comfort suck
She empties the breast. I'm at a crossroads now. Do I formula feed or do I persevere and try and breast feed. My dd doesn't really do puzzles or play by herself that much. She has a pretty short attention span. I do read her books but she climbs all over me and the baby and it's pretty stressful. I really would feel terrible if I stopped breast feeding but how can I keep up with her demand :s

tiktok Wed 27-Feb-13 11:09:22

cupcake sad sad

Feeding constantly at 2 weeks old is absolutely normal, but the persistent pain is not. It does not matter what the latch looks like - if it is painful, something needs to change.

Maybe your dd2 has a tongue tie; maybe her attachment needs to be different. I am really surprised a breastfeeding counsellor has seen you feed and just left you thinking all is well (was it really a breastfeeding counsellor with one of the vol.orgs who train bfcs?)

Google tongue tie and have a look at what comes up, and compare pics of your baby's mouth with the pics on the web.

Good suggestions from Gingerbread to work out ways to bf and pay attention to your dd1 - and you can perhaps experiment with a sling to see if you can bf hands free?

Hope things improve soon.

Gingerbreadlatte Wed 27-Feb-13 08:34:11

Sorry you are finding it hard. I am there too with DD2 and its all consuming.

At this age she is building your supply. It's totally normal to feed like that. When you top up with formula you may confuse your supply and actually make it worse. It will settle down if you hang in there. I'm not saying that formula is bad just that it may affect your supply.

Do you want to bf? There are strategies for feeding whilst looking after another child. Reading books, playing games etc. I now find it helpful as I can feed dd2 easily whilst dealing with DD1 rather than leaving her whilst I deal with a bottle.

Also consider that formula may not be the silver bullet.

Cupcakemummy85 Wed 27-Feb-13 01:42:15

Hi all, my dd2 is 2 weeks old and she is an extremley hungry baby. I have to top her up with formula and she would constantly feed and feed if I didnt give her a couple of ounces every now and then. She is gaining weight very well and seems to b doing great on my breast milk and a little formula but I'm still in pain when I bf. I've seen lots of midwives, bf councellers etc and everyone says ur positioning is good. She is just feeding so much it's making my nipples feel bruised. I'm having to use shields at night because it gets painful at night time. I mix fed my first dd and then went on to ebf when she was around 3 months. I don't want my supply to dwindle though but I can't keep up with my baby's demands. My dd1 is 19 months so I can't be sat on the sofa bf all day. Anyone else experiencing this? What should I do? Carry on like this? I feel like if I give up now it's not fair in dd2 as I fed dd1 for 8 months. Should I carry on mix feeding or just throw in the towel and admit defeat?

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