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17 week old pulling off one breast, crying, fussing. Any ideas?

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abigailj Tue 26-Feb-13 08:51:11

Im breastfeeding my second DS (found it tough first time round, this time generally easier), however I have been having problems on and off with him fussing, crying, pulling off on my left boob, which I feed first as it is my "bad boob" and seems to produce less.

I think he is hungry, he will still do this when he hasn't fed for a few hours, and will generally feed better from the othe boob, though sometimes just goes into meltdown completely. He also feeds pretty quickly now, so I sometimes wonder if he is finished, but there seemed to be milk dripping from my boob still, so suspect it's not empty.

Have been wondering about strong letdown, ear infection, maybe not hungry enough, reflux (he spits up a lot). Any other ideas? He is generally a good baby, sleeps well, good weight, but has been a bit more fussy over the last few weeks.


It does sound rather like there might be a more powerful let down in that side. Have you tried expressing a little off that boob first to see if it helps?

I'd recommend having a look to see if there's a baby cafe or LLL group near you. Nothing can beat a bit of face to face advice.

I presume baby is putting on weight, doing lots if nappies and otherwise thriving?

Oh, and if it's just that he doesn't like that side you could try doing the rugby ball position so he's facing the same way as if he was feeding on his favourite boob, if that makes sense?

abigailj Tue 26-Feb-13 08:55:25

I should add he feeds fine from both boobs at night (two feeds at 1ish and 4.30ish mostly, though sometimes we manage just one), so it mystifies me that the day feeds can be such a drama. Sometimes they are fine, and sometimes my DH and two year old look on a bit appalled at all the crying.

abigailj Tue 26-Feb-13 08:56:22

Thanks makes cakes. I had tried this a few times, some successfully, good reminder that I should try it again.

abigailj Tue 26-Feb-13 08:59:50

Yes, he is a chubby little man and plenty of poos etc. no worries about weight, etc. I have a baby cafe round the corner, might go along, but quality of advice depends on experience, and suspect I might be the most experienced breastfeeder there sometimes!

They should have a more highly qualified lactation consultant to refer to. The baby cafe I volunteer at has a super mw who supervises all the peer supporters smile

Good luck, how the change in' position helps. Have you tried biological nursing. I found out excellent when the latch got a bit iffy. Just recline or lie back, drape baby over you however is comfy and let them figure it out for themself!

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