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10 month old feeds all night

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DimLight Mon 25-Feb-13 20:47:09

10 month old got into bad habit of comfort breast feeding about every 1-2 hours every night. Cannot go back to sleep without it. Can't face any form of sleep training right now as too tired & other things going on.
So my question is... If you had a night feeder like this, did it naturally stop or do I need to tackle it at some point?
Not feeding in day anymore if that makes any difference.

GEM33 Mon 25-Feb-13 23:03:42

Mine is 14 months nearly 15 months has been waking every 45-90 mins every night all night since 3 months old....just started back on afternoon shifts 5-3am and day 3 now she is coping with daddy settling her to sleep without too much crying. Gone to waking every 2 hours already. She won't take any milk from a cup or bottle just water in a bottle despite us trying I just feed when I get back in with my rock hard aching boobs!
My point being if you never change anything then nothing will change. Their sleep cycles gradually mature around 18 months and may lengthen sleep in between comfort feeds but my friend has a 2 year old still waking every hour or two for boob.
I have moaned on here for months now about my sleep situation but been too scared of baby crying after a failed attempt at sleep training at 7 months and too tired frankly but I definitely think now that its come to her being of an age where she seems to grasp some understanding that daddy settles her but mummy will be there later and hasn't been crying nearly as bad as we thought.
When you think you're both ready just try gently with a different approach.
I'm glad I ve been forced into this by having to go back to shift work. It's definitely helping.

LadyWidmerpool Mon 25-Feb-13 23:12:02

Things are getting better now at 17 months. My girl is quite tightly wound and doesn't relax easily (baby massage was a joke!) so I have gone with her cues and fed on demand to help her get back to sleep. She let her dad settle her three times this week! There's a saying 'the days are long but the years are short' and I try to remember this. It has got a lot better over the last six months.

DimLight Tue 26-Feb-13 19:05:13

Thanks for the replies, my baby is also quite hysterical quickly & we have 2 failed sleep training attempts, so I think I'm going with the flow for now but maybe try again at 12 months, see if DH can do some settling then as it doesnt work now..

Wrigglebum Wed 27-Feb-13 23:04:11

Was hoping there'd be a magic cure suggested but obviously not smile. My very nearly 10 mo feeds regularly through the night. Feed to sleep at 7pm (despite best efforts- a nuclear explosion wouldn't wake him after that feed), if he wakes before 10pm I try not to feed him, then anywhere between 1-5 more feeds the rest of the night, usually at least 2. We co-sleep so I get some sleep but last night was terrible- awake every half hour from 3am. The second he wakes up he is screaming.

He just seems such a light sleeper and that's new to me- ds1 went down awake in his cot (jumped out of your arms into the cot) and rarely woke before 2/3am then slept through from 9 mo.

I'm just too knackered to pace around with him for hours in the night and if he wakes the rest of the house up then we'll all be grumpy. He's such a chirpy happy boy in the day but a misery guts at night.

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