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which bf to drop next??

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mamawharton Mon 25-Feb-13 20:41:30

hi, dd is 1 today. 3 weeks ago she dropped her lunch feed all by herself and we are just left with morning and bed time. i want to start to wean her off completely as im proud of our achievement but would like to stop now! she is still very attached to both feeds and im not sure which to drop first. she moans from the moment she gets up until she is latched on, and she still falls asleep with her feed at night. dd has always been a bottle refuser but can drink cows milk very well out of a doidy cup and water out of a soft spout bottle. any suggestions on how to go about dropping these feeds, and which to do first would be really appreciated. Tia x

noBSplease Mon 25-Feb-13 21:11:47

I would try to drop morning feed first. Try a distraction - strawberries or anything else attractive with breakfast, new 'grown up' mug, anything you think might get her attention. IME both DD and DS dropped morning feed first, DS was bottle refuser too so I used to worry about him getting enough fluid but of course he was fine... IMHO formula v expensive and unnecessary so personally I wouldn't feel obliged to introduce it as a BF substitute. Good luck and Happy Birthday DD!

Vijac Mon 25-Feb-13 21:19:19

I dropped the night feed first as feeding him to sleep was taking ages and becoming a bind. It was much easier Than I expected. For a couple of nights I tried to put him down still a bit awake after feeding. Then the third night my husband and I read him a story and then sung him a song in the dark and put him down. He went straight off to sleep all by himself and never asked for the night feed again. I've given it a few times when ill since. I still have the morning feed which is lovely to have a snuggle and get a few more minutes sleep!

mamawharton Mon 25-Feb-13 21:33:07

vijac - did you give cows milk at any point in new bedtime routine? not sure whether to do it before or after story

Vijac Tue 26-Feb-13 16:03:36

Ooh just saw the reply. I now offer a drink of milk before we clean teeth and water after so he is not thirsty but did not do it to replace comfort of bf. So no drinks in bedroom, just books, songs and cuddles. It may help for your partner to do the first night if thou

Vijac Tue 26-Feb-13 16:04:07

Son just posted! Was going to say if you go with that!

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