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Anyones toddler stand on their head while breastfeeding?

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MoreSnowPlease Tue 26-Feb-13 07:37:15

Ha!mine does that too, he would wake and only be happy feeding draped across my chest, but has now swapped that for standing on his head

Nightmoves Mon 25-Feb-13 20:40:45

Mine too. He has also drifted off draped across my chest on his tummy attached to boob. Is hilarious.

Lostonthemoors Mon 25-Feb-13 20:31:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MoreSnowPlease Mon 25-Feb-13 20:07:45

8 month old DS feeds to sleep lying on side opposite me lying on side, standard lying down breast feeding right?!

Well apparently it's not comfy any more and he would rather roll onto his front, stand on head and feet with bum in the air! Not sure how he still manages to breath and how my nipple stays attached!

What positions does your toddler get themselves into...or is he the only one?!

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