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4 day old - BF constantly at night (and I mean constantly) - how to cope?

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fathergoose Mon 25-Feb-13 17:09:06

DS is 4 days old. He feeds fairly regularly throughout the day but at night he feeds constantly between about 10pm and 6am: he'll feed from both sides, appear sated, so I'l put him down, and then he'll wake again within 5-10mins and demand more. This will go on all night until about 6am when he'll finally go for a longer nap: he has at the most 2 short naps during the night (no more than 30mins each).

Nappies are being filled and my milk came in yesterday (which I hoped would make a difference last night but didn't). Latch is fine I think: he's glugging away nicely. I BF #1 for 12m so I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about BF but this has caught me out...

Do I just give in and resign myself to long nights infront of the telly (have already watched the entire series of Downton...)? Is this a sign that something's wrong? How long will it go on for??


5madthings Thu 28-Feb-13 18:10:11

tiktok when you say a four day old won't be charted what do you mean? Mine all had their birth weight plotted in the red book and then they were weighed at a week old, all had gained weight and that was plotted as well and then on frankly rare occasions I got them weighed after that it was plotted in the red books. I think at the 6-8wk check? And then again at a 9mth check?

tiktok Thu 28-Feb-13 21:13:35

A four day old's weight will be recorded, but it is not charted - the charts actually start at two weeks, and the UK chart has a notional line only between birthweight and 2 weeks. See details at link I gave before smile

5madthings Thu 28-Feb-13 21:20:56

Mine are join the chart at birth and ten days? I shall check the red books and see where they marked them. I think the midwives just wrote them down and when the HV came to visit she plotted the weights the midwives had written down onto the chart. Not that it matters anymore as my youngest is 26mths. In fact I was thinking they haven't been in touch re her two yr check, but maybe they don't do them anymore?

None if mine were weighed before they were a week old, is it common to weigh before a week or does it just depend on any issues? I was thinking the jaundice? But mine all has that and I was just told to feed lots and put them in the sun. I had a lovely midwife tho who was very relaxed and encouraging re bfeeding.

tiktok Thu 28-Feb-13 21:41:01

5madthings it's all explained at the link.

The data on which the charts are based was taken from weights done at birth and then from 2 weeks. So there is no data to inform the time between birth and 2 weeks - but the charts have a notional line, printed as dots sometimes.

Babies do need to be weighed and it is perfectly ok to weigh them shortly after birth to check that they are not losing too much weight (weight loss is normal; too much weight loss can mean poor feeding and dehydration...untreated this can be dangerous).

5madthings Thu 28-Feb-13 23:02:24

I think I misunderstood when you said they weren't charted that you meant there wasn't a bit on the weight charts for that age. There is and mine has dots like you say. So it can be charted but there is nothing to compare it to, ie no data for babies that age. That's right yes? smile

Re weighing newborns, are there guidelines for when/how often to do so? As I said mine weren't weighed for a week and all had gained weight. Ds1went from 8lb 7ozto 9lb 3oz in his first week. Mine all fed well and I had oversupply issues. Even ds4 who was 10lb 13oz at birth had gained by a week, the midwife was sure that as such a big baby he would have lost weight? I got lucky with babies that fed well as long as I made sure I tweaked their latch etc, so as they were feeding well, weeing/pooling et. That is why they weren't weighed more frequently?

Do midwives look at how babies are/how they are feeding and at 'output'before deciding to weigh? Is it down to individual midwives? Or are there guidelines? Just wondering as my experience was that they weren't interested in weighing them before a week and my midwife said she didn't like to as it often worried parents? But if must depend on the baby?

Sorry op de-railing your thread, I was just wondering and tiktok always seems to know the answers.

I should stay away from bfeeding/baby threads they always make me broody, I miss bfeeding. But I don't ,miss the lack of sleep... Tho I am yet to get two yr old dd I to her own bed...

tiktok Thu 28-Feb-13 23:47:39

"So it can be charted but there is nothing to compare it to, ie no data for babies that age. That's right yes? "

Yes - charted in that a mark might possibly be put on the chart, but this is not always (often?) done. Early weights are recorded, of course.

"Re weighing newborns, are there guidelines for when/how often to do so?"

Not national guidelines, no. I would say that it is increasingly seen as good practice to do so a couple of times in the first week, after the birthweight.

"Do midwives look at how babies are/how they are feeding and at 'output'before deciding to weigh?"

Some do - experienced midwives might well feel they get sufficient info that way.

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