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Need help - newborn weight loss

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LoisLame Mon 25-Feb-13 17:22:51

All the weights are official apart from the +130g. I'm really not happy with him being weighed every day, but if that saves us having to in back to hospital again then fine.

I'm waking him 90 minutes after he's finished his last feed but will try waking after an hour instead. And we'll stick with the increased top ups until he's back to birth weight at least.

ExBrightonBell Mon 25-Feb-13 15:50:03

Hi Lois, and congrats on your newborn :-)

I would agree with feeding as often as possible eg every 2 hours, waking if necessary. If possible with a toddler as well, try and do nothing other than sit and feed the baby for the next 24 hours. Get your OH to bring you what you need and just relax as much as you can.

noblegiraffe Mon 25-Feb-13 15:19:04

Are those weights official weigh-ins or ones you've done yourself? If you weigh too often then you are going to get those sorts of fluctuations depending on whether the baby has just fed or just done a poo etc.

I think best way to get your baby to put on weight is to feed as often as possible (every 2-3 hours) waking if necessary. I don't know about top-ups but perhaps you should stick with them until you know baby's weight is doing the right thing?

LoisLame Mon 25-Feb-13 14:51:46

Is there any way I can get DS to put weight on in the next 24 hours??

He's currently 8 days old and we've had nothing but problems so far. I was induced at 38+4 due to gestational diabetes, ended up with the drip as labour kept stalling along with 2 lots of IV fluids but managed with only tens and gas and air. Birth weight was 3.940kg and DS had severe facial congestion due to 8min second stage. On day 4 weight had dropped to 3.450kg, a 12.4% loss, so we were readmitted where DS was found to be dehydrated and jaundiced (which was missed due to the facial congestion) and I realised that he was very sleepy and wasn't waking as he should to feed. He had also struggled with low blood sugar after birth. We started a 3 hourly feeding schedule giving 50mls ff after each bf and I weight him later that night and found he had put on 130g within 18 hours but since then he has gained 30g, lost 40g and today lost another 40g so I desperately need to do something before he is weighed again tomorrow. He is a lot more awake since we got home so we've been a bit more relaxed with the top ups - should I just increase to whatever amount I can force into him?

I also have a secret weapon that I feel could be of benefit to help my milk supply - a breastfeeding toddler. Should I increase her feeds too to encourage my milk production?

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