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Breast cancer found whilst breast feeding

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HelenS Tue 15-Jan-02 12:20:00

Last year I found that my milk supply on one side was getting progressively less but just thought it was one of those things. However I then developed a lump on my "good" side that led to a referral to the breast clinic. Here they found that the lump was a benign cyst but routine mammograms revealed that I had widespread early cancer throughtout the other side. This is known as DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). As most of the breaset was affected I have had a mastectomy and now have a good prognosis however it has been a terrifying experience and very difficult post op with a 10 month old. The pathology showed that the cancer had not invaded into a lump which is why I didn't know I had it but it had spread throughtout the milk ducts hence the poor milk supply. I am really writing this so that anyone else who has lopsided feeding for no reason can get checked out. It is very unusual to present with breast feeding problems with DCIS according to my surgeon. If I hadn't had the benign cyst on the good side I probably still would not know and the cancer would have presented at a much later stage with a lump once it had invaded the rest of the breast tissue. I am feeling well now and most of the time feel positive about the future.

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Cl Tue 15-Jan-02 15:13:45

Dear HelenS
Thanks for alerting us breastfeeders - I would never have thought of lopsidedness being cancer- how awful for you. Glad to hear that you are feeling well now after what must have been a shocking experience. Wishing you all the very best for the future

robinw Tue 15-Jan-02 19:25:25

message withdrawn

TigerMoth1 Wed 16-Jan-02 14:10:50

HelenS that's a really useful piece of information. I'm glad you're feeling well now.

I developed a benign breast lump. It was removed when my baby was three months old. I was breast feeding when I felt the lump and my husband made me go to the doctor immediately to have it checked out. He rightly suspected that, left to my own devices, I would not have bothered to do this for ages.

The doctor thought the lump was probably non-malignant, but when I was given the the option of getting it removed, I took it. Now, 7 years on, I have never developed another lump or had any other problems.

Hope you are given a final all-clear soon.

As you say, it's so important to take care of your own health, not just concentrate on how your baby is doing.

Gruffaloschild2019 Sun 24-Mar-19 16:08:46

@HelenS just wanted to wish you all the best! flowers

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