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When is too late to start breastfeeding?

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NicolaSeal Thu 21-Feb-13 19:54:34

Hi all. I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with my second. At my 20 week scan we were told my little one has a heart condition (TGA). I'll be giving birth near GOSH so that he can have access to the surgeons there straight after birth. If all goes well, he could be in hospital for a few weeks recovering from surgery. Does anyone have experience of breastfeeding after spending time in a SCBU? I'm not sure how he'll feed while in hospital - I intend to try to express etc, but not sure how it'll work. I've got an appointment at GOSH at 30 weeks, but am trying to get my head round it all before then x

forevergreek Thu 21-Feb-13 19:56:56

I would recommend giving la leche league a call. They will help you with mounds of great information.

Basically if you are pumping there should be no reason why he can't go on to Feed as usual after. Even before surgery you may e able to have a little feed depending upon conditions


DrMcDreamysWife Thu 21-Feb-13 20:03:47

My dd refused the boob until 4 weeks old and by 8 weeks was exclusively breastfed and still is at almost 6 months. I pumped from day 5 but me never enough to supply all her milk, she then built it up with mega feeds once she got on the breast. You can build up milk supply when they are a few weeks old.

What I would say is that if your going to need to pump for a while is hire a hospital grade pump. The hospital can probably advise but I hired a double electric pump and it was so much faster and more effective than any you can buy in shop.

Congrats on your pregnancy and hope all goes well with the wee one x

blueberryboybait Thu 21-Feb-13 20:08:34

Here is the GOSH NICU info, the breastfeeding info is about half way down, when you are there next ask if you can speak to the nurse advisor, she will have dealt with parents in your position before and have advice on any help available.

KD0706 Fri 22-Feb-13 12:58:06

Both of my girls were prem, and 6-7 weeks from birth to taking any milk directly from the breast. Eldest was ebf by about two months old but youngest took a bit longer to properly get the hang of it.

When my youngest was in scbu there was a baby who had been born at 24 weeks and was five months old when she first took the breast, and was doing so well with her breastfeeding.

So it definitely can be done.

But do try to go easy on yourself. You'll have a lot to deal with anyway with your baby's op etc and expressing will be an extra strain on you.

Hope all goes well for you and baby.

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