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Sudden loss of milk supply

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MoreSnowPlease Thu 21-Feb-13 19:41:39

I know this is very unusual and you will probably all say it's not possible, but I think I may have had a very sudden loss of milk supply.

DS is 8 months old and is pretty much exclusively breast fed. We have introduced solids and water, but he doesn't have an awful lot of them at all compared to what others say their DCs are eating. He probably has between 100 and 200 mls of water per day and a 3-4 bites of food 3 times a day. This has only been in the last few days though, prior to that he would occasionally have a bite of what we were eating, maybe once a day and a few sips of water.

Anyway, last night and today I have noticed a really big drop in milk supply. He usually feeds around the clock, never going more than 2 hours without a feed, usually hourly, sometimes more frequently (because of ongoing tongue tie issues)

He has spaced feeds out more recently, but not much. Yesterday my mum took him for a while and he went about 4 hours without a feed.

Last night he fed almost constantly but I don't remember hearing much swallowing at all, and today, he has fed about 6/7 times but I am really having trouble getting a let down, it's like there's no milk there!When I have felt one he only swallows for literally 10/20 seconds.

I have had supply issues throughout bf journey but none this sudden! Anyone got any idea what's going on? Is it possible to just lose your milk so suddenly?

BimbaBirba Thu 21-Feb-13 20:28:17

It sounds to me like it may be a temporary drop due to a hormonal change (perhaps your period is coming back?). Sudden but temporary drops do happen sometimes. After all the human body is not perfect at all. I very much doubt it's a permanent thing.
I hope everything sorts itself out soon smile

CitrusyOne Thu 21-Feb-13 21:49:22

Agree with the period thing- mine came back when dd was 6 wks and we had a heck of a game. I was advised that oats would boost my supply. Any excuse for a flapjack smile

tiktok Thu 21-Feb-13 23:46:55

No one should say this is not possible - a sudden drop in milk supply is a known issue, almost always temporary, and linked with periods or a sudden shock (which affects let down, rather than supply).
It fixes itself within a short time smile

MoreSnowPlease Fri 22-Feb-13 07:29:55

Thanks all! periods have recently come back so maybe it's all the hormones :-(

It's so hard, he's a really fussy baby when it comes to feeding because of all the issues from tongue tie and so he's been up fussing every half hour at night..knackered!

Thanks for your help, guess I'll just wait it out then!

MoreSnowPlease Fri 22-Feb-13 07:44:10

tiktok I think it's a combination of let down and low supply because when I get a let down it's over very quickly, which is the same thing that happened when I did have low supply issues. I'm quite worried about how much this will affect my supply now as he is getting nowhere near the amount of milk he usually does. He also has a terrible latch so won't be stimulating breasts properly to produce more milk and thy kind of rely on being emptied to keep this hanging by a thread bf relationship going! Do you know how far supply can drop and still be maintained/increased when able to?

tiktok Fri 22-Feb-13 11:20:55

Snow, impossible to say, as the answer depends on age of baby, freq of feeding, mother's own individual capacity and 'performance'....all I would say is that it won't disappear, the glitch is temporary, hang on in there, avoid struggling and fighting with him (which makes things worse), feed him when he's a bit dozy and relaxed as this often leads to a longer feed.

Hope this helps.

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