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Reflux questions?

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Twattybollocks Thu 21-Feb-13 10:27:40

Am mixed feeding right now due to tongue tie, can formula make reflux worse? She has been unable to settle lying flat since my milk came in, she will only sleep either propped up in our arms, in the sling, in the car seat or swing thingy. Lay her flat for her nappy change and she starts gagging and crying within a couple of minutes and then pukes. It smells acidic, not like normal posset. Last 2 days it has escalated and we now have 1/2 an hour of crying, gagging, puking and frantic rooting/sucking on dummy after every feed. It's worse after formula, up to an hour before she can sleep comfortably.
Am told the dr will give gaviscon but reluctant to go down this route if I can avoid it as ds had gaviscon and it made him very constipated, also it's a bloody almighty faff when you are bf.

GraceGrape Thu 21-Feb-13 14:38:12

Yes, many cases of reflux are related to cow's milk protein intolerance. Both my refluxers were worse when I introduced formula. I would definitely see the GP. There are other medications than Gaviscon (Ranitidine is usually the next one up) but most doctors will insist you try the Gaviscon first. It is a faff with bf, but I gave it a week then went back and insisted on Ranitidine. Both mine eventually ended up with Neocate hypoallergenic formula. Hope things improve for you.

Pleasenomorepeppa Thu 21-Feb-13 16:18:04

DD2 is 4 weeks & is on Omeprozole. She had Ranitidine but it stopped working after 10 days.
We asked for Gaviscon because it worked wonders for DD1, but the GP wouldn't give us any because he thinks its a bit rubbish!
She's still not great & about every 3 days we have a full 24 hours of her being unsettled & sad etc.
We're also mixed feeding & I'm beginning to think she might have cow's milk protein intolerance.
Hope you manage to get it sorted soon smile.

Amelia0 Thu 21-Feb-13 16:25:26

I was told by pead that formula makes reflux worse simply because it sits in the stomach longer because its isnt as easily digestible as breast milk (so longer opportunity for it to be vomited back up).
Gaviscone made my baby constipated and didnt sort out the reflux but domperidone and renitidine are working well.

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