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Weaning and refusing milk

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missp Mon 19-Jan-04 09:28:43

My daughter is 22 weeks and has been on solids for about 4 weeks. Yesterday and today she refused to have her milk first at lunch and breakfast but only wanted her food. Overall yesterday she had 27oz so not too worried on that but this a.m she only had a small pot of porridge and no milk at all.

Should I just leave it and try her at the 11.30 feed on milk first and then her carrots or offer a bottle at say 10.30?

Also, she will not drink any water with her lunch either - is this something I should just perservere with, offering her water each day and not making a fuss if she refuses?

I'm a first time Mum (as you can tell!) so any advice would be welcome.


mothernature1 Mon 19-Jan-04 10:13:51

I think your daughter should still be having all her milk feeds.Are you offerring her the breast or bottle first.I would suggest doing this and then offer her a taste of veg afterwards.If shes thirsty after food you could give a small milk feed.I wouldn`t worry about timing her feeds too much either or you may just worry yourself unecessarily.Whether breast or bottle i would say just demand feed. Also I made all my dds first foods with breast milk rather than water.It is one way of ensuring she doesnt miss out on her milk.You can mix milk into any veg or pureed fruit. Whether breast or bottle just demand feed.Hope this helps.

missp Mon 19-Jan-04 10:40:51

Yes, I'm offering milk first but she just plain refuses it (screams the place down!) As soon as I then offer the food she's fine and eats it calmly. I then try offering the bottle again but she's having none of it.

To update today, she did cry at 9.30 today and took her bottle so perhaps I will try the demand feeding (I was timing feeds only to give her childminder an idea of a typical day, now realise that with the weaning each day is going to be a bit different)

Thanks for your support

lazyeye Mon 19-Jan-04 10:46:13

Hi missp - I had something quite similar with my ds1. He was never really a big milk drinker - even as a newborn. It got to the stage where he was refusing most milk & when I asked a couple of HVs they said it wasn't uncommon once some solid food is introduced - they call them non- milkers. Their advice was to get as much milk into the food as poss, so I used to mouli veg and mix with milk, give custard, rice pudding anything in fact with milk. He would still take an bfast and eve bottle, so all in all he was getting what he needed- and he loved his food.Once they can have cheese (I think I gave cheese a bit early) its easy as a tiny piece of cheese has loads of calcuim in it and my ds1 loved cheese sauce......I;m the fastest cheese sauce maker int he west now........ Don't forget that in a couple of months you will be cutting back ont he milk anyway. Talk to your HV about it, but I would start trying to get milk into her different ways.
All the best and try not to panic too much, though I know I did as you just think - babies are supposed to love milk - mine 1st didn't!!!

zebra Mon 19-Jan-04 11:28:00

DD was another one who didn't care much about her milk after she started solids... I had to work to get it into her (MNature's guidelines are good).

gingernut Mon 19-Jan-04 12:09:31

I'd second the advice not to panic too much - hard I know! I don't think giving the occasional bottle at odd times is going to hurt either, and just get some milk into her solids. I used to mix the fruit and veg with baby rice and milk at this stage.

As for water at lunchtime, my ds wouldn't touch it at first, it was definitely a gradual process so try not to worry (I worried like mad and now I look back and wonder why! This is why most people are more laid back with their subsequent babies I suppose).


missp Mon 19-Jan-04 15:50:46

Thanks for all the replies. I've decided to just go with the flow and if she refuses milk or solids then fine, will just try again later.

I suppose this is all new to her as well so we'll have to learn together!

It was a great help to get your replies and they have really put my mind at rest - thanks again.

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