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Getting over emotional and stopping bfing

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I was very emotional around the time of DS's 1st birthday, I sobbed putting him to bed the night before sad and he was completely weaned by then.
Maybe 1st birthdays are just emotional and nothing to do with breast feeding?

Queenie72 Thu 14-Feb-13 21:01:51

That is exactly what is is like ! Bit moody with poor old hubby too ! Hormones cause so much stress !!

BimbaBirba Thu 14-Feb-13 19:59:59

My baby has also just turned one and I've been a right mess in the last week but I haven't slowed down breastfeeding at all. I think it's definitely hormonal, but like PMS. I've been weepy and truly sad at times. sad

Queenie72 Thu 14-Feb-13 17:36:54

Ds2 has just turned 1 and I am slowly weaning him off breast but it seems to be playing havoc with my hormones so over emotional and teary , it could be him turning one hasn't help feel so sad my baby's little life is going so so fast. Don't feel depressed or anything just teary ! DH seems to think I was like it when I stopped
Bf ds1'( obviously the hormonal chaos has stuck in his head !!) is it common for stopping bf to have a hormonal effect !

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