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Can switching from EBF to combination feeding improve your libido?? (May be TMI)

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blindlyovertherainbow Thu 14-Feb-13 14:54:20

I've been EBF DS for almost 6 months now and we're almost ready to introduce solids.
I've found that EBF has COMPLETELY supressed my libido. On top of that I can't stand DH touching my boobs, or even hugging me tightly. DH has been very understanding, but we've always been a very physical couple and my lack of interest in sex is having an impact on our marriage.
I believe the most important thing for DS is to have happy parents so I want to do what's best for us as a family. I know the WHO recommends BF until age 2 etc etc but I'm trying to weigh up all of the factors.
What I want to know is whether anyone has found shifting from EBF to combination feeding has had an impact on their libido, or whether you need to stop BF completely for it all to come back???

Loislane78 Thu 14-Feb-13 18:40:18

Good question, I find this also and my DD is 6 mo. I don't mind touching/hugging but I would say my libido is at an all time low. Hard to know whether it's also sleep deprivation. Feel bad for my DP, he never complains or anything but I know he'd like more action sad

leedy Thu 14-Feb-13 19:36:53

Definitely no need to stop completely - I got pregnant (twice) while BF! Combination of more rest and less frequent feeds after starting solids definitely helped.

Twattybollocks Fri 15-Feb-13 07:02:26

I think it probably does. From what I understand, ebf surpresses the oestrogen in the menstrual cycle, and low oestrogen can cause poor libido. Certainly I found I had no interest in sex while I was ebf and it improved dramatically when i weaned. Totally appreciate that the plural of anecdote isn't data, and it may not affect all women the same way, but it def had an impact on me.

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