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Losing weight after bf?

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ticklebug74 Thu 14-Feb-13 10:58:10

I am one of the unlucky ones it seems who stores fat while breastfeeding. Ok so I am not eating the best but it isn't dire - probably more to do with portion size :-)

So my question is, when I stop bf will my appetite decrease and therefor some of this excess weight shift?

I know I will have to work hard to get back into shape but it would be nice to know that a few kilos might shift on their own, sort of as a thank you for all the hard work to bf!!

EauRouge Thu 14-Feb-13 11:18:24

I found my weight went in stages. I lost nearly all my pregnancy weight quite quickly after DD2 but there was a couple of pounds that wouldn't go until she was about 9mo.

I've found that I just can't curb my snacking habit so I've started keeping plenty of healthy snacks and banning sugary stuff from the house. Popcorn is a good one, it's got hardly any calories in if you don't smother it in butter or sugar.

Also started running which bizarrely seems to make me less hungry.

themammy73 Thu 14-Feb-13 12:11:38

I'm the same and hold onto a good few pounds no matter how good I am with food while bf. I usually find after bf finishes it falls off quite easily as god as I'm still being good smile.

themammy73 Thu 14-Feb-13 12:12:09


VisualiseAHorse Thu 14-Feb-13 12:39:16

I didn't loose any weight while BF. Didn't gain any either, and remained a good 1.5 stone heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight.

Once I stopped BF (actually, as soon as baby was only on one feed a day) my appetite decreased straight away, but the bad habits remained. Once baby had stopped BF altogether (on Christmas Day!), I made the desicion to loose weight. Stopped all the stupid snacking and did a workout DVD every day in January. Now back to a size 10 (we'll not mention the wee muffin top I get jeans), and feeling much better for it.

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