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Bad wind at 8weeks and best treatment?

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Angelico Wed 13-Feb-13 21:56:39

If you're FFing it might be worth putting colief in milk or trying the comfort milk to help avoid colic. Unfortunately this sounds like colic and lots of babies go through it (including our DD who is BF) - but might be worth checking with GP or HV to rule out things like reflux. With DD it started around 2-3 weeks and eased off a bit around 7 weeks but didn't go away entirely until around 15 weeks (it was on and off from around 10-15 weeks). Now she seems to have grown out of it.

Tagz269 Wed 13-Feb-13 21:25:43

My dd has recently started to get VERY bad wind when bottle feeding. It started from about 7 weeks and the symptoms include crying loudly, pushing her legs so she pushes herself back, arching of her back all whilst tryin to feed her. She's so hungry that she gulps down her milk and becomes uncomfortable then starts screaming!!
I wind her half way through and sometimes get the wind out but she's very hard to wind.
Can someone let me know if this has happened with their baby and how long it should last!
Also , what's the best meds to give her? Tried infacol- no good, tried gripe water-no good.


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