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6mo dd refusing formula

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Mrsboathook Wed 13-Feb-13 19:39:49

My 6mo dd has been mixed fed ( breast and bottles of ebm or formula) since 2 wo. Intermittently decides that bottles must contain poison and refuses to take them- previously with expressed milk as well as formula. She has been on solids for about 7 weeks. Takes 3 meals a day of very variable amounts! Last 10 days or so it's been a real struggle to get her to take a bottle. Will only tolerate ready made formula not powdered! (expensive tastes!). I have tried a free flow sippy cup with no more success. Can't get her to drink any water either! I am now starting to worry as I am fairly sure my milk supply is drying up- cant really express anything anymore and don't really get engorged unless she hasn't fed from that side for at least 16 hours. Am convinced she is on the dry side as her poo is getting hard (sorry if tmi). Other pertinent information- she had bad reflux and had been on meds since 10 weeks which improved things amazingly. Was started on solids early on advice of paeds as she dropped over 2 centiles and they felt she wasn't getting enough milk from me. Which adds to the stress and necessity of getting the formula in!

Any advice on how to convince one rather determined young lady that formula really isn't poisoned?! Any advice gratefully received. Sorry this is so long

Phineyj Wed 13-Feb-13 19:45:25

Have you tried different brands of formula? Would she like it hotter perhaps?

Mrsboathook Wed 13-Feb-13 19:49:26

Have tried 3 formula brands and bottles from cool to almost tea warm! Prefers very warm but even that isn't working anymore. Have even tried fooling her into thinking its breast by trying to swap mid feed. That went down badly too!

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