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am i overfeeding my son?

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Cosmo89 Wed 13-Feb-13 17:33:38

DS (now 7mo) started out as EBF but I switched to formula feeding at 5mo because of undiagnosed tongue tie and my supply not matching what he needed. I don't think I've got the hang of this and I could do with some advice

SO. He is incredibly disturbed at night - dr has diagnosed reflux, which explains a bit, but I'm wondering if I'm making it worse by the following regime:

apprx times: 7am bottle, 11am (solids), 1230 bottle, 330 bottle, 645 Bottle, 10pm dream feed

WE always give him 8 oz and don't force him to eat the whole thing = he does quite a bit however. Sometimes only takes 6 or 7.
So he's having 5 bottle feeds of probably at least 34 ounces each day

He seems to want this - but is it categorically too much. Should I drop a feed - is that where his discomfort may be coming frmo? he always finishes the dream feed but i guess hes asleep so may not really need it?

Greywacke Wed 13-Feb-13 17:41:01

We dropped the dream feed around this time. You could always just let him sleep and see what happens.

It is a bit of a shock though when they sleep through!

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