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2yr old DS BreastFeeding a lot, mainly during night.

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TerrariaMum Wed 13-Feb-13 14:10:55

Nothing helpful to add except that you are not alone. DD is the same. For us, I think it is the combination of teething, growing and adjusting to Mummy's lap growing smaller. I am about 31 weeks with DC2.

Going with the flow seems to be working best for me. PM me if you like and we can commiserate. wink

lostinindia Wed 13-Feb-13 13:32:09

Thanks for replying ShhHesAsleep. He isn't eating a great deal at tea time as he's tired and then is eating a lot in the morning. So you could be right about being hungry.
Speech is also coming along a lot more in the last few weeks.
I'll check for molars.

I'm recovering from a bug at the moment and feel like the little energy I have is being drained out of me.

I reckon go with the flow at the moment. He could be different again this time next

ShhHesAsleep Wed 13-Feb-13 13:17:08

My initial thoughts are:
Hungry / growth spurt? Offer extra snacks during the day if your LO doesn't want more volume at mealtimes.
Sore? Maybe those last molars are on their way?
Need to reconnect with mum? Like you say, due to internal developmental change (is speech imporoving now?) or external change. Anything new or changes to your outine?

I find the cause often becomes clear afterward. I hope you get through it easily.

lostinindia Wed 13-Feb-13 13:02:15

Hi, I thought DS was starting to drop his feeds but over the last week or so his feeds are increasing during the night. We co-sleep. He's waking a lot, we must be back up to 6+ times a night. At points through the night he will take a cuddle instead but the majority of time he wants to nurse or will cry. By this age my DD had dropped most night feeds so this increase has taken me by surprise. He's not so bad during the day but his hand is going down my top quite a bit and he's very assertive about what he sees as his boobs. I can cope with this and distract him where I can. But again it's an increase on what he's been like.
Just wondering if there is some developmental stage he's going through right now that may explain the increase. I pretty certain he's not teething.

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