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Best way/time to make up small FF

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Teds77 Sun 10-Feb-13 09:55:52

My DTS has a bottle at bedtime - well two bottles/split feed - of expressed milk. However, as he has gradually needed more, I've gradually being pumping less and my stores are now totally depleted so tonight we'll be having our first bottle of formula. After nearly seven months of bf DTs I'm not going to be sad about this, just very proud that we made it this far bf-ing grin.

He usually has 5oz before bath and then 3oz after bath. The 5oz can still be expressed for now but the 3oz will be formula.

I usually make up the bottles just before we go up to bed at 6.30pm. The 5oz feed is warmed in hot water straight away and I just leave the 3oz feed out (i.e. it's not in the fridge for about half an hour). The second bottle is then warmed when he has that it around 7.00pm (we take a flask upstairs with us.)

So what would be the easiest and safest way to make up the 3oz feed? If I make it 'fresh' just before 6.30pm will it have cooled by 7.00pm or will it be too cold? Or would it be easier to make it up earlier in the day and cool it and then warm it up at 7.00pm in a jug of hot water as we do at the moment?

I'm probably over-thinking this but bedtime is such a mission with DTs that once we're upstairs at 6.30pm it's nice not to be running up and downstairs plus DTD is usually attached to me at this point so I need a simple system for DH to cope with!

And we do have cartons but they would be a massive waste for a 3oz feed.

EggsMichelle Sun 10-Feb-13 10:27:33

I put the kettle on at 6.30, make 6oz, and by 7 it normally needs a quick run under the cold tap.

ticklebug74 Sun 10-Feb-13 13:43:39

The cartons are good for 24 hours so when my dc3 was having 3oz fofmula at 11pm we opened a carton, poured out 3oz into a bottle, put remainder of carton in fridge to use for 11pm feed the next night. No way was I faffing with boiling kettle, cooling for 20-30mins etc for powdered formula. I'm far too lazy!

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