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Weaning from BF to expressed milk at 16 monnths

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MadKatz Sat 09-Feb-13 21:26:15

Just wondered if anyone can give me any advice or even just to tell me get a grip, it will be fine. Sorry its long post.

DD has been BF since birth and its been amazing for both of us. Since 6 months, she's been on solids and is now a very healthy eater. Slowly stopped the daytime feeds and was only doing one night feed before putting her to bed. She was a nightmare sleeper but since Christmas has been sleeping through about 11 hours still with the one feed before bed.

Op to remove gall bladder has been on the cards since October. Best case scenario I am in day surgery and home the same night, worst case they keep me in for 1-2 nights. DH and I made plans for me to express and for her to have this before bed in the run up to the op in case I am kept in and DH has to deal with her at home. I haven't had a massive stash in the freezer but did have some, but she also likes cows milk so was going to use this after the breast milk is used up.

So the op is on Wednesay. Gave DD expressed milk in a soft spout beaker on Thursday night, took one sip and refused the rest, screaming. So I ended up bf'ing. Last night tried it in a doidy (which she likes). Only drank about 4 mouthfuls, then went to bed and cried herself to sleep (not normal). Tonight tried it in a 'grown up' cup which she liked but still didn't take much. Went to bed and cried herself to sleep again.

So I suppose what I need to know is: Should I be worried about her not having much - or any - breast milk or milk of any kind before bed? Should I be concerned about her being so upset going to bed without (I'm not a strong person and finding this quite upsetting)? Is there anything I should be doing re stopping breastfeeding - I haven't expressed since stopping on Thursday night, but I have leaked when hearing her crying on the monitor (emotional attachment I presume).

Any advice gratefully received x

primigravida Sun 10-Feb-13 05:45:35

It will be fine. Have you tried getting your DH to give her milk from a cup at bedtime as my two have always taken milk better from other people. Try offering her milk in a cup at other times of the day too. It is good to get her used to it. You can always breast feed her again after your op - ask your doctor how long for medication to come out of bloodstream. When I has my wisdom teeth out I couldn't breastfeed for 48 hours but I resumed afterwards. I hand expressed for comfort if I felt overly-full. It's up to you if you are ready to stop or want to resume breastfeeding. Wishing you all the best for your op.

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