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Worried my 14 month old isn't drinking enough

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Cakebaker35 Fri 08-Feb-13 09:22:08

Hi all, I am getting worried that my DD really isn't drinking much at all and wondered how much other people's little ones are drinking and if you have any tips to get them to drink more? My DD is Bf just once before bed now and the rest of the day she has water from a sippy cup, but some days perhaps only a quarter of it or less. She is totally refusing to drink milk of any sort and I have tried all kinds of cups and beakers. She eats cereal with milk no problem and loves yogurt but it is the lack if drinking that worries me. Also I don't feel I can drop the final BF until I can get her drinking more as sometimes it feels it is the only 'big' drink she has all day. Am I worrying about nothing?! Would love to hear other people's experiences.

Greywacke Fri 08-Feb-13 11:29:15

Do you think we will ever stop worrying about how much they are drinking?

So I also have a 14 month old, he had 200ml of cows milk in the morning and some milk on his cereal.

He has a sippy cup during the day, I would say he probably has a beaker full of day throughout the entire day. He doesn't have milk from one, or very rarely.

He then has 160ml of milk in the evening before bed. He also has a yogurt with dinner.

I use the tommee tippee free flow beakers and just have one around with water so that if he wants some he can have it.

Hope that helps

Cakebaker35 Sun 10-Feb-13 19:26:05

Thanks Greywacke, yes I don't think I will ever stop worrying about it! Today she had about half a tome tippee sippy cup of water and that was it apart from a very short BF before bed, under 10 mins. She eats really well and has alot of yogurt and cheese so i am not worried from a calcium point of view, it is more the hydration side as she hardly seems to drink compared to others her age. I have mentioned it before to our HV who said if she is doing 2 wet nappies a day then there is nothing to worry about, but i still do as it just seems so little. I am probably just being paranoid but can't shake the feeling it isn't enough. Guess I will just have to mention to our gp next time we go as I don't have masses of faith in our HV.

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