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MAM teats

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Kafri Fri 08-Feb-13 07:35:31


DS is 7 weeks and I use the MAM teats in AVENT bottles. (Was finding my MAM bottles leaked and DS wouldn't take the AVENT teats - seems to like the flat MAM ones)

Anyway, he's on size 1 teats atm which are for 0+. The size 2 ones say 2m+ but how do you now when is the right time to change over??

He's a good eater, having a full 6oz every 3-3.5 hours and has one or a good few weeks now. However, the quantity is partly due to him being on Aptamil Pepti 1 which can make babies hungrier as its so watery!

Kafri Fri 08-Feb-13 07:40:18

*and has done for.... (Bloody iPad spellcheck)

MrsMeeple Fri 08-Feb-13 07:50:33

AFAIK the "age ranges" are guidelines based on approximately how fast a flow the average baby might be comfortable taking in an average consistency liquid. There's lots of room for interpretation in that.

If he seems to be slurping it in really hard, compressing the nipple, it's probably time to switch up. If he's taking a long time to get through it, same.

If he takes it at a reasonable speed, and doesn't get too much wind, then you're probably on the right size.

If you have a bigger sized hole, you can always try it and see how it goes.

Kafri Fri 08-Feb-13 08:04:00

Ooohh, I've noticed the last couple of days he has been compressing it..?

Also, is it ok to use 1 brand teat and different brand bottle? They seem to fit ok??

MrsMeeple Fri 08-Feb-13 08:21:31

If they fit, I'd say go for it. We didn't with the teats, but now we're on sippy cups I've used the Avent mouth pieces with Mam bottles and rings. If they don't leak, where's the problem?

MrsMeeple Fri 08-Feb-13 08:22:23

Maybe if your DC has a problem with wind, then you could reassess, as to how much air the vents let in etc. If there's no problem, go for it.

MrsMeeple Fri 08-Feb-13 08:23:31

(Do you have the Mam bottles with the extra ring on the bottom? They leaked for me, but the ones that are one whole bottle piece are fine).

Kafri Fri 08-Feb-13 09:35:02

mrsmeeple i have the ones with the screw on bottoms, they leak all over the bloody show. caught myself with hot water many a time!

Yes he has trouble with wind, always has and it is certainly no worse (if anything, slightly better) since I changed bottles.

I've just given him a feed and tried the size 2 teat and so far so good. For the first time EVER he has settled straight after a feed. We'll see how the rest of the day goes - h tends to settle less and less throughout the day leading to meltdown in an evening (overtired/colic?!) before settling for the night at 10/10.30pm only to start the process again the next day.

MrsMeeple Fri 08-Feb-13 12:29:03

Sounds challenging. Hope he settles well today, maybe the faster flow will help him not take in quite to much air. Here's hoping!

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