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Slow weight gain - support needed!!

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Clem84 Thu 07-Feb-13 17:21:25

Been to the HV again today and my 23 weeks old has put on practically no weight in 3 weeks. I am breastfeeding, we've been through all the lactation consultant, BF support, TT division etc. I gave up dairy 3 weeks ago as he was being very fussy when feeding and showing other signs of possible allergy. His feeding has been MUCH better since, but now no weight gain - at least before it was just slow!!! I can't give him formula as it makes him violently sick or come out in a rash. I am out of ideas and feel so guilty that I cant do anything to help him put on some pounds. I just feel like there is really no-where to turn. He is happy and healthy but its becoming so much more obvious how tiny he is compared to other babies and it sounds stupid but I always feel that people are judging me and thinking im starving him!

GraceGrape Thu 07-Feb-13 17:47:50

So it sounds as if your LO has an allergy to cow's milk. Maybe now he's feeding better the weight gain will start to improve. If you feel you would like to try formula, there are many hypoallergenic ones available. See your GP for advice. If they aren't very knowledgeable, insist on a paediatrician referral. These are usually quite quick if there are concerns about weight gain. Did your HV not offer any advice?

Clem84 Thu 07-Feb-13 19:13:13

Health visitor has told me to start weaning, which is fine but i thought weight dips when you start weaning? Plus i dont want to fill him up on fruit and veg and for him then not get calories from BM. I am going to see the GP tomorrow (again!) and not leave until i get a referral and a prescription for formula. I just feel like they dont take it seriously. I am happy to continue BF but am starting to doubt if its for the best, hence the formula.

meebles Fri 08-Feb-13 07:14:49

We had slow weight gain and ? dairy allergy too. DS fell off the bottom of the chart, had Tt division, saw bf counsellors every week etc. Had paed ref from 8 weeks and cont to bf.when I gave up dairy it felt like everythinv got better except weight gain. I think my milk supply may also have been compromised due to HG, prem birth, neonatal stay and tube feeding.

My point is that we are now mix feeding with nutramigen (which I think the pead prescribed to shut me up mostly and get me to give DS some formula). Weight gain has improved greatly and also length measurements which had started to slip, but he is still a boob monster!

Clem84 Fri 08-Feb-13 09:36:55

Glad its getting better for you meebles. I keep pushing for a dairy free formula at the doctors (when i can actually get an appointment!) but they wont give it. They just keep telling me that he is happy so not to worry. But I do worry - a lot!! I just really dont understand it, he feeds fine at least every three hours. My milk supply seems to be fine. If try to feed him more he either doesn't want it or is sick pretty much everything he has. I just don't know what else to try.

tiktok Fri 08-Feb-13 09:44:30

Clem, you haven't said anything that makes it sound like you need to do anything. The doctors have checked your baby out and all is well. HV has suggested weaning, which is fine - you can avoid any drop in calorie intake by giving small amounts of calorie dense foods as well as milk, and build up from there. But it sounds like he is just physiologically slow growing at the moment, and nothing wrong with that smile

This sounds like a confidence issue not a feeding/weight issue, to be honest. Your worries about other people thinking you're starving him sound like misplaced anxiety - you're letting the (imagined?) thoughts of other people count more strongly with you than the reassurances of the medics, ditto with your feelings of guilt sad

Did you have a difficult time at the beginning with getting bf underway? Are there other concerns in your life that make it difficult for you to have confidence in yourself?

GraceGrape Fri 08-Feb-13 16:59:56

Good news that the GP thinks your LO is doing well. I believe it's often true that babies slow down their weight gain around this age. It's perhaps worth mentioning that if you do think your baby has a problem with cow's milk, just be careful when you decide to introduce dairy products when weaning. If there is still a reaction that suggests an allergy, please follow up again with your GP. There's no need to go down the hypoallergenic formula route if you're happy to keep BF, but you might want some dietary guidance about alternative sources of calcium and fat. I speak as the mother of two children with cow's milk protein intolerance! Hope everything continues well.

Clem84 Sat 09-Feb-13 13:41:11

Thanks Tiktok, you are completely right that I am probably imagining people's thoughts and it is affecting my confidence. Everything else is great, I love being a mummy, I just worry too much! We had a bad start with BF because his tongue tie was not diagnosed by midwifes, GPs and health visitors, it was only when i went private that we got it sorted when he was 9 weeks - until then breastfeeding was incredibly painful and slow.
I am just concerned that his weight gain seems to be getting worse, even though feeding seems to be getting better.
I think I will just continue with the breastfeeding, start weaning and avoid the scales for a month or so!

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