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6mo refusing breast when not at home/feeding less in the daytime

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hamncheese Thu 07-Feb-13 16:50:05

6mo baby ebf til 4.5m started weaning v gradually now starting to up solids (before just trying tastes) and getting three meals a day. Still not started meat/dairy but will be shortly. Back story history of nursing strikes, feed refusing and not feeding well in the day/in public.

Had managed to get him over it and he would feed in the day well at home and a bit in public... Enought to stop him being upset from hunger. I think its distraction basically or being in unusual places he does feed a bit Better in places he has been before a good few times.

Anyways for the last week or so he has started to completely refuse feeds out of the home. He will feed in the back of the car and a bit at places he's used to (my mums, baby yoga etc) but anywhere else he will go hungry to the point of crying about it. I have started giving him formula in a cup which he enjoys but only takes about two ounces at a time. Basically its really stressful and I've taken now to just taking formula and his lunch (fruit, porridge etc) when out so he gets food. He feeds very well mornings and evenings at home and all night (every 2-3 hours)

Basically just want to know if this is a sensible plan or if I should be worried that he's not eating in the day. Is he growing out of it a bit and wanting food instead in the day not milk and stocking up on bm mornings evenings and nights because of this? Anyone else had a similar baby before?

How I wish he would stock up in the day and not at night!!!

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