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Mix feeders support thread

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1978andallthat Wed 06-Feb-13 21:07:22

I mix fed dd, now 2, and am mix feeding my ds, one month. Both times I have found loads of advice on breast feeding and loads on formula feeding and very little on mix feeding.

So how about we use this thread for questions, help and advice for mix fed babies?

EggsMichelle Fri 22-Feb-13 22:31:24

DS is 11wks and have been mix feeding since 6wks. First introduced a bottle at 5 days due to his weight lose and giving ebm top ups, and continued to administer gaviscon with the bottle. Have used a variety of bottles, and lucky had no problems with nipple/teat confusion!

We started with just the one bottle at bed time, and have gradually increased to 6. I have never had a brilliant supply, and in the past week he has been constantly hungry, so have swallowed my pride and now giving him bf when he wakes in the morning, expressing in the evening and ff for the rest of the feeds. He is now a much happier baby, sleeping better and crying very little (was a constant crier).

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