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Silent reflux/colic?

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xmasevebundle Sun 03-Feb-13 23:46:09

My ds is 7 weeks and has colic i think he also has silent reflux.

He crys all the time, i wind him, i have to give him lots of motion to even begin to settle him. He takes 6oz of extra hungry milk SMA. He feeds fine sick a few times, 2-3 hours he has 6oz. Sick 1 in every 3 days. Ive thought of a dummy to settle him a little bit more during the day but i really dont know what to do.

Im off to the GP tomorrow to see what they say, ive heard of infant gav, i dont know what else but id love a good nights sleep!

tiktok Mon 04-Feb-13 09:11:02

Difficult time for you, xmas sad

Can I ask why he is on extra hungry formula? Most babies would be recommended standard infant formula, which is 'modified' to make it easier for young babies to digest. 'Extra hungry' has tougher proteins which take longer to digest.

Changing the milk would be worth discussing with your HV or GP, maybe?

xmasevebundle Mon 04-Feb-13 09:18:44

He has 15 feeds(give or take 2) in 24 hours, he wakes up an wants food. I try the boiled water rotue but he has it and then screams until he gets some milk.

I changed from aptmail to SMA on friday, i tried ringing the HV no response!

Im off to the GP at 11 today to ask what i can do! Had 3 hours sleep! I guess its better than nothing sad

tiktok Mon 04-Feb-13 09:43:34

Frequent small feeds are normal for young babies - maybe the 6 ounces of hungry baby he is getting less frequently is making him uncomfortable?

Hope the doctor helps and that you manage to speak to the HV.

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