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A bf and af question (sorry if it's been done before)

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2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 20:46:04

When your af returned while bfing, did the cycle go straight back to normal, or was it irregular for a bit and then settle down? TIA

MrsWednesday Tue 25-Apr-06 20:48:12

Mine went back to normal length pretty soon after stopping breast feeding DS2 but I do seem to ovulate earlier than I did before. After DS1 it went back to normal straight away.

2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 21:00:55

Interesting. Thanks, Mrs W So, by straight away, do you mean from first AF onwards, right back to normal cycle <nervous emoticon>

spinach Tue 25-Apr-06 21:13:28

i had af about 8 months after delivery, took a year for them to become regular again, but i bf for 18 months.

LeahE Tue 25-Apr-06 21:13:48

Mine went straight back to normal from first AF (when DS was 9.5 months) onwards. Doesn't happen that way for everyone though.

2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 21:17:09

Were yours regular before pregnancy, spinach? Does it make a difference if you are irregular or regular - does it make them more/less likely to be irregular when they return?

KristinaM Tue 25-Apr-06 21:19:50

Irregular. Well kind of. I had one period when baby was 7 montsh old, after I started to wean. Then another 33 days later ( I am usually very regular 28 days). Then nothing. Then a BFP

KristinaM Tue 25-Apr-06 21:21:23

This was very as i dont remember EVER BDing

Are you hoping or worried that you might be pregnant??

2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 21:21:29

Ah. See, that's what I'm (probably unreasonably) slightly worried about, KristinaM. I'm sure I'm panicking.

KristinaM Tue 25-Apr-06 21:24:54

Sorry, don't mean to worry you. But I'm afraid it is possible. AND we were using contraception ( though obviously not very effectively). And i am VERY VERY old

KristinaM Tue 25-Apr-06 21:25:57

Are you worried enough to pop out to the late night chemists?

2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 21:29:21

One v short v light af just over a month ago (first since baby), and one bd in between when we were less than careful, still bf three times a day. And now.... nothing. No af. Slightly nauseated, but I think I'm prone slight psychosomatics (sp?), and very tired (but I do have a 10mo son). Maybe I'll wait a few more days. <<whimper>>

2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 21:29:55

Oh, sorry, x-posts! No such thing as late night chemists where I live I'm afraid!

spinach Tue 25-Apr-06 21:30:29

i was 28 days regular like clockwork before pregnancy. When it did settle back i had a 26 day cycle. When i was bf i did notice that i could be a few days out especially if the pattern of bf had changed. Like when my dd go really sick when she was 15 months, I went from 1 feed a day back up to 7, for a week... that made my period a week later than expected. I knew roughly when i was due, but it would happen within 3-5 days either side.

spinach Tue 25-Apr-06 21:31:39

there were a couple of times taht i thought i could be pregnant again cos my periods seemed odd/irregular.

Psychobabble Tue 25-Apr-06 21:43:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 21:47:23

Lol Psychobabble! I think I am convincing myself when I am probably not! You and Spinach have calmed me slightly! It wouldn't be a disaster to be pregnant, but I'd rather wait a wee bit longer. Right. I am going to go to bed and forget about it. (Oh yes, that was another reason why I'd convinced myself I'm pregnant, I have had the most vivid dreams the past two nights...)

spinach Tue 25-Apr-06 21:54:07

vivid dreams def a sign for me, both pregnancies! night night!

2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 21:55:52


spinach Tue 25-Apr-06 21:57:38

sorry! but its true!

2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 21:58:34

So do I need to start a new thread: Does bf alter the accuracy of pregnancy tests? (clutching at straws here!!)

spinach Tue 25-Apr-06 22:00:14

if you're preg, the test will work just fine! leave it a week.... its probably just a blip! (but maybe not....)

2Happy Tue 25-Apr-06 22:02:08

Thanks, Spinach. I'm definitely off to bed now, but if I have any more funny dreams....!!!

spinach Tue 25-Apr-06 22:02:39

night n ight!

spinach Wed 26-Apr-06 20:10:59

any news happy?

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