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Slow weight gain in breast fed 4m dd

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karenski Fri 01-Feb-13 19:39:36

Thanks that's reassuring - I think you are right as in general she seems well and happy. I am just used to DS who zoomed up the charts like a textbook baby with not much effort on my part. I will see how it goes over the next few weeks before I start stressing. Thanks again.

tiktok Fri 01-Feb-13 15:26:10

Not clear if your baby needs more milk - a drop from 50th centile to 25th is well within normal - but if she does then you have the milk, ready and available, in your breasts, just as you say! Your plan to feed more often and from both sides is exactly the right way to go about increasing production and intake. One side each time may not be sufficient for you to build up and maintain a good supply....though as I say, the weight is not really a cause for concern.

You could discuss this with the HV if you are worried about not following the doctor's advice.

karenski Fri 01-Feb-13 14:19:52

Am after some advice on DD aged 4.5 months - she was 50th centime at birth and gained weight fine to start with. Now her weight gain is slowing down (just over 25th centile), the health visitor thinks she might have middle reflux and sent me to GP to ask for gaviscon. But the Gp says probably not reflux, she thinks I am not making enou milk and says I should top up with formula. I'm reluctant to do this, I thought it will affect my supply so my plan is to try and feed more often and to offer both breasts at each feed (have been offering only 1 up to now). Does this sound OK or should I be following GPS advice straight away?

Sorry should read mild reflux above, am on Dhs iPad.

Dd easily distracted during the day and I also have DS aged 2.5yrs so it is difficult to fit in extra feeds, I have been feeding on demand so far but the problem is she is just not very demanding! Should I be working to more of a routine and if so does every 2hrs sound ok?

Sorry for wittering but I am a bit confused/fed up, after hearing all about how bf is best from nhs info it seems odd to be told to go onto formula when she is not yet 6 months. She was 5kg at 8 weeks, 6.13 at 17 weeks and 6.28 at 19 weeks - so 150g gain over last 2 weeks.

Thoughts anyone? Thanks for reading!

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