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How to stay awake during night feeds part 7 - put in your orders for sleepy dust!

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TeaandHobnobs Tue 29-Jan-13 23:26:12

Can't believe we are on part 7! and I'm still here

Welcome one and all smile

ChilliBanana Fri 01-Mar-13 20:51:13

Oh amey I meant to comment on how brave you were starting a thread in AIBU in the first place, I'm sure most of them lurk pitchforks in hand to pounce on the unwary!

MrsNPattz Fri 01-Mar-13 21:10:28

Loving all the positive BLW experiences - plenty of people to ask about it annoy

A good day here, we walked to baby group and back, got a load of washing done, ordered heaps of photos to fill the many albums I have, then went to Tesco and bought little man some clothes for Spain in August. I have felt a lot more positive today than I have done for a long time, which has been nice. I hope it continues. I think talking to hubby yesterday really helped.

We have a photo shoot tomorrow. We bought a Groupon before he was born for 2 shoots - one we had when he was a couple of weeks old, and tomorrows. Should be interesting - he certainly won't be sleeping like he was last time lol

Really hoping for a better night but not counting on it!

Pinkponiesrock Fri 01-Mar-13 21:13:38

I've not been posting recently as I've been sleeping smile baby pink is just up once during the night for a quick feed at about 2 then back to sleep until 6, clever baby pink. Fingers crossed it continues and I've not just cursed it by writing it down! Like you all said baby pink has heaped on the weight and has done 13oz in 8 days, little pudding. Definite growth spurt but hopefully we will carry on getting more sleep now too.

I've always done the old school weaning of purées then mashed then soft lumps etc etc. The boys did get toast, carrot sticks, bits of cheese etc along side their plates of gloop but that before it was called BLW. I have one son who would love to be a veggie and the other who we call caveboy as all he wants to eat is meat! Both fed and weaned the same way, funny little chaps. Also, bad mummy alert here, mine were both on baby rice on the day they turned 17 weeks. They were little porkers tho, up on the 90+ centiles. I think baby pink will be a lot later that when she get her first tastes.

Will needs to go back through the post and catch up. Hopefully everyone is getting some much needed zzzzz's and babies are thriving. Might post later on if I can get my eyes to work during night feed.

Pinkponiesrock Fri 01-Mar-13 22:03:21

Got a message from DH to say we have our first lambs of 2013, much excitement in the pink household smile

EeyoresGloomyPlace Fri 01-Mar-13 22:50:54

Ooh exciting, and no doubt seriously cute, pink!

Thanks for all your weaning stories, I'm thinking of doing finger foods and mashed foods but not actual purées, will that be ok? Dd1 started purées at 4.5 months so this is new territory to me.

Will be back to post properly later xxx

MrsNPattz Fri 01-Mar-13 23:22:58

First feed - less than 2 hours after bed time sad

BrainGoneAwol Fri 01-Mar-13 23:49:38

On the fruit; the famous pears have been the ideal hard/softness raw. I have cooked the apple as I felt the lumps were too hard. Raw kiwi was also ripe enough.

I have had some slightly scary gagging moments. One was while away and in a chair that had a slight recline not it. Not good as babybrain couldn't push bits out of his mouth. I think that might have been raw apple. My biggest tip would be to make sure you can always get your baby out and leaning forwards quickly! And be extra diligent in watching at all times! Otherwise it's really messy fun.

First feed. Usually it's 9.30. Bless babybrain but I think the drive back from devon has work n him out. grin

pink congrats on your sleeper. Long may it continue smile

BrainGoneAwol Fri 01-Mar-13 23:53:38

Oh and heff that sounds fine. Lots of things are mashed so it's good for baby lump to learn that texture too, surely.

mrsn hope you get more sleep

Smallgreenone Sat 02-Mar-13 02:54:42

Hi all. We're doing a sort of mixture too as I'm too scared to do full on blw. He started on purrees and is now having mashed stuff as well as soft stuff to gum on like toast, banana, squishy cheese etc. He seems to be enjoying himself and is rather greedy when he finds something he likes! Wasn't keen on mushed up roast pork and apple but went wild for spag Bol and petits filous!

larlemucker Sat 02-Mar-13 03:00:32

Morning all, baby larle been up since 2 for second feed. He has watched a bit if one born with me so I was telling him that's what I went through to get him!!!

I haven't looked at it yet but I was bought the annabel karmel book for weaning, it's meant to be really good. Have lent it to a friend as her Dd is older than baby larle

Pinkponiesrock Sat 02-Mar-13 03:38:46

Up for our night feed now, thought my boobs were going to explode!

brain, Mrs N glad you have sorted things out with your OH's. Babies, esp first babies are such a test on any relationship.

funch hope school is going well, you have my total admiration! Teaching is definitely a vocation not one I could do that's for sure All the extra cuddles you get when you get home are lovely smile

heff I'm sure what ever combination you use will be fine. Our HVs did a weaning group today and were saying that babies close to 6 months progress much faster in weaning terms than ones started at 4. They didn't mention BLW but they did talk about giving finger foods alongside purées etc.
larle how is baby Larle now? All recovered from your nappy scare although he sounds like he was never too bothered by it. They do like to keep us on our toes tho.
amey FWIW I regularly have a go at people for P&C spaces! Grumpy old woman that I am. Far too many keyboard warriors out there, bet they are not so confrontational in RL, there store it all up for MN! Much to the embarrassment of my family I do not

Hi to all the newbies and anyone I've missed, baby pink is snoring away so operation transfer is go. Euan is a bit low on batteries so this is a stealth mission, wish me luck! Away out to check for more lambies since I'm awake anyway. Can't see any action on the CCTV but I like to check and make sure, esp as these are my super exciting embryo transfer babies smile They are ridiculously cute BTW!

BrainGoneAwol Sat 02-Mar-13 05:37:11

How many are lambing pink? Obviously it's different in many ways, but my mum used to breed great danes and puppy time was always really exciting and a bit stressful! Not sure how I'd manage with a baby too! smile

MrsNPattz Sat 02-Mar-13 06:35:37

Ok so it hasn't been so bad - we had a transfer fail at last feed so fed again. Then he woke up an hour or so later but Ewan and projector worked, and then we got 5 hours! He has woken up really snuffly and coughing, with a manky eye so just given him saline spray and Calpol. I think it's his teeth too!

Pink how cute - hope you will have some pictures smile

Pinkponiesrock Sat 02-Mar-13 06:43:00

We have 10 due just now, five of them are embryo recipients, the rest natural pregnancies, these are our sheep that we will take to all the agricultural shows in the summer. The main flock, another 250 sheep are due in a months time. We also have 60 cows to calve, the majority are due in the next month or 2. No baby ponies this year.

The adrenaline, and lots of coffee, gets you through it!

Hope there were lots of good nights last night, that's us up for the morning.

larlemucker Sat 02-Mar-13 08:41:31

Morning all, baby larle now up for the day. He slept through his 5/6am feed!

pink nothing in his nappy since that scare last week, god knows what it was! Lambing sound so exciting, can you post pics on here? My dad rescued a lamb when I was little from some hound dogs during a trail, mum told me there was a surprise downstairs and I cam down to find a lamb infront if the fire! Don't eat lamb now!!!! (Disclaimer: the lamb was returned to the farmer that day, we didn't steal it!!)

StitchAteMySleep Sat 02-Mar-13 09:06:44

Aw baby animals, that has cheered me up thanks Pink

Haven't caught up yet with thread. My brain has been all over the place this week, I am sleepwalking through my days. Really struggling for I am getting 4-5 hours broken sleep and it is just not enough. Think I am also anaemic, so for the last two days I have taken Spatone and 1000mg vitamin C on top of post-natal vitamin and that has helped a little. At least DH is off work next week for my birthday so I can sleep all day relax.

Welcome and congratulations MrsReiver and hello to all.
We BLW because Stitch refused to be fed, she wanted to feed herself like her big sister. She eats mostly what we eat minus the salt now. We did a lot of steamed veg attention beginning, it keeps its shape better, but is nice and soft. Pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli and corguette were early favourites.

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Sat 02-Mar-13 09:11:47

Hi Ladies!!! I cant believe youre still all here! Fab! (Waves frantically around virtual room) have NC a few times used to be MummyPig who started the first thread (proud haha) . Well DD slept through the night until 6 months and is now on a well established 3 o clock and 6 o clock schedule at night. Its not too bad as I put her next to me and snooze whilst feeding, she does get put back in the cot after as Its a bit crowded in my bed still...bedhopping is in full swing at night ...we had a bad night last night, picked baby up at 3, snuggled her up and then felt wet...babys nappy was undone and id just smeared poopoo in my bed....queue full blown evac of bed and cleanup operation with crying DS's and hungry baby and comatosed DH going. Uhhh just put a towel over it....yeah right. Will have matchstick eyes today and need strong coffee....

larlemucker Sat 02-Mar-13 17:26:24

Hi no room <bows down to the creator of the how to stay awake thread>

Advice required please ladies: my auntie and nana live down south. My auntie hasn't spoken to me since before Ds was born and my nana has only called a couple of times. I've recently text my 2 cousins asking if I can FaceTime them so my nana can see her great grandson but they haven't replied. We've always been quite a close family and they are the only family I have on my mums side and she passed away 5 years ago (this weds). So do I call and ask what I've done wrong? Do I wait and see if they contact me on weds? Do I just sod them off?
So pissed off with them, they just don't seem bothered about Ds. My nana gave us the money for our nursery furniture but my auntie hasn't bought him anything and I don't think my auntie will ever be a grandma so I thought she would be really interested in Ds. How wrong was I?

MrsNPattz Sat 02-Mar-13 19:39:08

Larle that's awful - if it was me I would be inclined to confront them! Then the air would hopefully be cleared for your mum's anniversary! I'm not surprised you are pissed off. Hugs, I hope you get it sorted.

Photo shoot went well, except little man did not want to smile for the camera! It must have been such a sight - me, hubby and the photographer trying to get him to smile!! I think there will be some lovely pics despite that though.

Shattered now - so hoping for an improved night, but he seems quite unsettled tonight.

MrsNPattz Sat 02-Mar-13 19:39:38

Oh and hi no room - we are very grateful for your wonderful thread smile

Smallgreenone Sat 02-Mar-13 19:46:58

We have Annabel karmel too larle and I have spent most of the day making recipes from it! I like it, it's got plenty of info and advice in.
pink how wonderfully to have little lambs about the place. I love seeing all the lambs in the fields so sweet.
We had an ok night last night he slept until 7 after his 2am snack. Why am I still so tired?
No room, thanks again for the thread! Bet you wish you weren't still here though.......part 7!!!

MrsNPattz Sat 02-Mar-13 20:06:45

Nearly part 8!!

funchum8am Sat 02-Mar-13 20:21:20

Hey no room, I too am incredibly grateful for this thread! I would have gone insane without it ages ago smile. Sorry that you are suffering bad sleep again hmm

Loving that the Dr Who episode with James Corden and the baby is on!

Had a lovely day back in charge of babyfunch as DH playing rugby. Dads have it so easy...or rather, those who work full time have it so easy...she napped, I chatted on the phone, faffed about a bit, she woke, I fed her, we went for a coffee locally just the two of us, we came back and played, DH got back. This covered 12 noon to 5:15pm beautifully. Do not let them complain that they can't cope with giving you at least most of a day off at the weekend!! possibly that is totally unfair on other dps and DHs who have not been initially main carer and therefore have had less practice

Mrsn glad you got some fab photos. I need to get a lovely one of babyfunch to frame for my desk at work.

Larle I wonder if your mum's family feel you are busy with baby and just afraid of calling at the wrong time? Maybe if you make contact and say you are keen for them to stay involved with LO they will pull their fingers out? It sounds very upsetting. I hope you can find a solution you are happy with thanksthanks

Babybeesmama Sat 02-Mar-13 22:50:26

Ah larle, big hugs. If I were you I'd just ring up & say something like 'not spoken to you in ages and really want to catch up!'. Hope you sort things out.

We've had a lovely day at DM's and we are staying again tonight. Hoping we have a good night again as last night was pretty good for us grin! He's been a happy smiley contented baby all day! My mum bought him teething powders which I've been putting in his bedtime bottle, no idea if this is what has worked but will buy every pack in boots just incase!

Just giving him his last she says optimistically! bottle, wish me luck!

Hope everyone has good night xx

MissingMyMarbles Sun 03-Mar-13 01:33:56

Evening all
Second feed done. Hopefully, go til morning? Well, maybe that's a bit optimistic, but perhaps I'll only be up one more time.
Sleepy Mice to all.

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