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How to stay awake during night feeds part 7 - put in your orders for sleepy dust!

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TeaandHobnobs Tue 29-Jan-13 23:26:12

Can't believe we are on part 7! and I'm still here

Welcome one and all smile

StitchAteMySleep Wed 20-Feb-13 00:12:46

Pink I am in awe smile

Congrats MrsN thanks

Nice to hear from you Macaroons, glad to hear you are getting some sleep.

Chilli my two always pooed more than when teething. Hope you get some sleep.

Yay for babybee's first tooth Amey smile

Good to hear you caught up on sleep Larle.

Jemima some good tips here for wind. The didgeridoo one is great.

Stitch just had first feed since 8pm and I have just settled dd1 back to sleep too after she woke so am going to hit the hay now.

Night night everyone, hope you get some zzz.

jemima86 Wed 20-Feb-13 01:40:36

Up for first feed of the night and I've had some sleep! She didn't wake when we went to bed and she hasn't woken with wind either!

Fingers crossed she goes back down after this feed.

Hope you're all getting some good sleep!

larlemucker Wed 20-Feb-13 04:33:47

Just woken for first feed after 6 hours, yes you heard correctly 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!!!! Feeling amazing. However baby larle is currently grinning and chatting so not sure if we'll be going back to sleep!!
Sorry to anyone having a bad night.

BrainGoneAwol Wed 20-Feb-13 05:26:45

That's great larle though I hope your day didn't start at 4.30!

Good news also jemima hope it continues.

babybrain has just done really well: bed at 7.30, wake at 11.30-12.30, wake at 4.00 (though I didn't come to feed him til 4.20 as he was just chatting for a while). Struggling to get him back to sleep, but hopefully it will happen soon hmm

Trying to work out what might be different. I'm wondering if he's got his days and nights mixed up a bit. He's been sleeping 3+ hours in the day - including one at 4-5pm and is too distracted to eat well. Yesterday he got much less in the afternoon for various reasons. I had put it down to teething or his cold, but maybe it's become an unhelpful routine... Hmm.

mrsn well done! You're putting me to shame!

Pinkponiesrock Wed 20-Feb-13 06:21:28

Up for the day now I think sad by the time I've fed baby pink it will be time to get the boys up.

We had a good night tho, just up once at 1.30am after going down at 9.30ish, I don't mind getting up to feed at all, it's the not going back to sleep that I hate.
Hope everyone had a decent night, was very quiet here so I hope so!

Smallgreenone Wed 20-Feb-13 06:45:39

Hi all, I've not posted in ages and its because I've been sleeping grin. Baby small has been having a feed at 10/11 and then going until morning. He still wakes but I bring him into bed for a cuddle and he goes back to sleep until 6/7. Am hoping that with time he'll stop needing the cuddle! Am sure we'll be back though as he is teething which is bound to get in the way but I'm thrilled to be making progress. Thanks for all your support and sanity saving advice. X

larlemucker Wed 20-Feb-13 08:17:17

Congratulations on your graduation small <mortar board emoticon>
Thankfully (after an hour of feeding, smiling and gooing) baby larle went back to sleep and woke about 7.45, still too early if you ask me!!! wink

MrsNPattz Wed 20-Feb-13 08:57:56

I got 8 hours uninterrupted sleep last night shock it was needed, but I still don't feel right. I'm going back with mum today so hoping a few days away will help. Hubby isn't coming until Saturday, already miss him sad

So glad you have been having good nights Small - I hope it continues!

It was pretty quiet last night so I hope that's because lots of us were getting lots of sleep!

funchum8am Wed 20-Feb-13 09:17:50

Wow some seriously sensible babies around here!

small I was thinking about you yesterday, so glad you are getting some sleep!
mrsn have a great time with family smile Hope you feel better soon, will ask my friend today about her teeth experience.

Slightly better night here, had to go in at 12,1:30,3,4,5:15,6:15 and up at 6:30. which is good for us! Fed at 12 and 3:30 (3am waking was a long one sad ). At one point I fed, gave bonjela and calpol, rocked her and put Ewan on...my box of tricks was well and truly empty!

Off to friends in Warwick today to help with their two while my friend's hubby goes to Lyon for the spurs game. My DH will be a few miles away with the PILs getting used to being The Main Parent, but we will meet up for chunks of each day. So looking forward to catching up with my friend and some sleep (her two are 5 and 2 and really good sleepers).

Have a lovely day everyone grin

Ameybee Wed 20-Feb-13 12:03:13

Hideous night here confused despite calpol nurofen and teething gel! I'm knackered!

Small - brilliant news on the sleep front! Do you still put him in bed with you? I hope we see some improvement soon.

Mrsn can you factor a big slice of cake into propoints? That might help you feel better grin! Virtual hugs.

I'm having red bull and a banana, eating is going to get me through till 7pm when I can crash out! X

Ameybee Wed 20-Feb-13 12:03:58

Sorry small just realised you said you do bring him into bed! Durr!

Macaroons Wed 20-Feb-13 15:16:27

Congrats small! Mrsnplattz 8 hours I'm jealous! Baby mac woke up at 4am this morning, tried putting him back to his cot after his feed but he didn't like it. Think its easier to co sleep

EeyoresGloomyPlace Wed 20-Feb-13 15:47:45

Wow small so glad things are going well on the sleep front grin

Hi macaroons <waves> good to have you back (although sleep would always have been the better option of course!)

stitch we've got thick lined curtains but not actual blackout blinds, they tend to keep the room relatively dark until 7ish at the moment but she's still waking around 5.30 :-( have brought her into bed the past few mornings and got an extra few hours though so not too bad.

mrsn <hugs> how are you feeling today?

I'm off to have a chiropractic assessment in a bit, my back has got so bad recently its agony some days and my lovely grandad has said he'll pay for me to get it sorted since I'm broke until I go back to work. Really hope it works don't remember the last time my back was pain free sad

Had a lovely day today in the park, I'm knackered so with any luck the DDs are too and will let me have a decent kip tonight.

Hope everyone else is having a nice day.

Heff xx

Susieloo Wed 20-Feb-13 17:38:26

Hello everyone, just popping on to say I'm still lurking but we have been having some good nights so I've not been posting in the night.

heff I sympathise re bad back, mine has been bad for about 17 years now and sometimes I just can't cope with it and like you I don't remember what it's like to not hurt, deep tissue massage offers brief respite but I'm too skint to have one at the moment!! Hope the chiropractor sorts it out for you.

Hope all who are having good nights continue to do so and those who are exhausted have some better sleeps tonight.

Ameybee Wed 20-Feb-13 18:48:11

Glad the nights are good susie - gives me hope at least!

Babybee has been very grumpy today sad and so has mummy! I'm SO stupidly tired!

Please can someone pray to the gods of sleepy dust for me? I need a good night more than ever!


Susieloo Wed 20-Feb-13 19:43:41

I've had a grumpy baby too amey - flatly refused to do anything apart from be carried around and he will play with his toys for 5 minutes and then promptly goes on to his tummy and gets really cross so I pick him up to sit him up and he just wants me to carry him - he's got a really bad cold but its so frustrating!!

Really hoping you get a good night x

GoatBongosAnonymous Wed 20-Feb-13 19:45:27

Hooray for some good nights! There is hope for the rest of us. Sorry for bad nights. Kid pinged awake at 4:20 so I took him into bed, boxed him in as ever and went to get his bottle. Came back just as he fell of the bed having crawled over the pillows. sad blush the most horrible moment when I heard the crash against the radiator and had no idea which bit of him had hit it. Fortunately was his feet. No harm done except to pride, and he looked pretty bemused to see his mum crying.
We - DH is on half term - then went out for a walk (saw you in the park heff smile ) and...
Left the front door wide open.
Fortunately nothing was gone. Except our peace of mind! The moment we realised just how tired we are.
Congrats on continued weight loss mrsn I really admire your determination!

Feeble waves to everyone else and I desperately hope for a better night tonight all round.

EeyoresGloomyPlace Wed 20-Feb-13 20:23:48

Oh no goat, poor kid (and you!) they move so fast don't they! Glad all ok though, and shock at your front door! Where did we cross at the park? Sorry if I should have noticed you, I was so cold I think my mind was wandering!

Great to hear you're having good nights susie hope they continue smile

DDs both in bed here so I've run myself a nice hot bath and barricaded locked the door. Lovely smile

We heard today my DSis has got her referral to rehab which is really good news, she's got to go there on Wednesday for an assessment the hopefully check in next month. She seems happy as she's been hoping for intervention for a while, and I think we're all relieved too as she clearly wasn't getting any better by herself. Positive thoughts etc, really really hope it does help.

The down (or up, depending on how I look at it) side is that i was meant to be having my root canal work on Wednesday but will have to rearrange now as DM will be going with DSis for the day and can't have babylump, not a mega issue in the circumstances but I was just hoping to get it over with asap because I'm such a wimp. Small price to pay though if it means DSis gets sorted.

Osteopath was good. I upset him by calling him a chiropractor, Aparantly they're not the same thing confused I've got to go back Monday, my shoulder feels freer (is that a word?!) already and he said I've got swelling around the base of my spine (yuck!) but it should all be fixable, hooray!

Night all, see you later on

<prays extra hard for sleepy dust to go amey's way as she sounds in dire need, and for goat who probably can't afford to operate an 'open house' policy on a regular basis wink >

MrsNPattz Wed 20-Feb-13 20:31:08

Little man and I got here safe and sound - we just miss daddy!

Thanks guys, I'm still not feeling great. Mum and dad think I've done too much recently. Could be right, could be my tooth, I really don't know. Will see how I feel then may see my GP again.

Goat you poor thing! I think it happens to everyone and I'm dreading something like that happening. Glad he is ok, and glad no harm was done when you left the door open ��

Amey I had a Cadbury egg and spoon with my points which was nice! Hope you have managed to stick to it - it's hard at the best of times without being so tired too!

Heff hope your back eases up!

I think I'm in for a rough night as we are in a strange place and he slept quite a lot in the car - I hope he proves me wrong!!

jemima86 Wed 20-Feb-13 22:37:23

Haven't had chance to post today but wanted to say thanks for all the advice, had the best night ever last night. Woke for feed at 1 went back down at 2.30 woke again at 6!
Started new routine of bath, massage and wind exercises, bottle bed. All feeds and nappy changes in dark, she went to bed in her bed in our room alone and didn't wake when we went to bed. She also slept in her grow bag for the first time.

Huge thanks again for advice!

EeyoresGloomyPlace Wed 20-Feb-13 23:47:45

That's fantastic jemima really good news!

Hope things are going ok mrsn after your long journey.

Resettling here, does anyone else's LO wake about 45 minutes after you've gone to bed? Its almost every night, she's fast asleep, I come up and get into bed, eventual drift off and as soon as I'm asleep she wakes up. Its like she has some sensor that goes off as soon as I'm about to switch off.

Anyway, transferring now so hopefully back to sleep for me too. Hope the sleepy mice are on their rounds.

Pinkponiesrock Wed 20-Feb-13 23:54:35

Just thinking about heading to bed after a rubbish day sad despite being clamped to the boob non stop baby pink has only put on 6oz in the past 2 weeks so after getting down to one top up of formula we are now back to 2. She had her 2nd imms today then vomited spectacularly all over the kitchen floor while I was making dinner, poor little dolly. I took her over to the sink as she was still being sick and at this point DS2 ran into the kitchen and slip in the spew on the floor and was covered in it! She seems better now and has had a few BF's and some formula and so far seems alright.
We have had no electricity all day as they were working on the line so it's been a long day. Sorry for the me me me but feeling a bit rubbish about the lack of weight gain despite all my efforts.
larle, small, MrsN gold sleeping star for your little ones. Hope you have a good weekend MrsN. My bro was round at my house the other day after the dentist and he and DH were saying they feel sad for a day or so after work on their teeth so it may well be that.

funch I am in awe, how do you manage? I know you just have to when its you LO but my goodness, that sounds so exhausting!

amey, goat sending sleepy vibes to you both, lol at the leaving the door open. It would take me hours to know if someone had broken into my house as its such a tip so your must be nice and tidy if you could tell nothing had been taken smile

heff hope the back is better soon

I'm heading off to be with Huewy spewy baby pink and our new BFF 'Ewan the sheep' smile smile

BrainGoneAwol Thu 21-Feb-13 03:23:29

Lots of good things small, jemima and some hard things heff , mrsn and some tired things goat .

Sorry for not better name checking.

Exhausted here. Maybe had an hour's sleep so far. Babybrain just keeps waking. Have given him calpol as this last time he was really screaming sad.

<rant warning>
Tried to see the Dr - finally got through to reception on Tuesday only to be told (at 8.50am) that there were no more 'emergency' slots left confused and I could use the 8.30-8.45am baby drop in on Wednesday.
Arrived at 8.40am and asked to see the pediatrician. Was told I had to get babybrain weighed first, but would still probably be at the front of the queue as no one else was there.
Went to get him weighed. Hv supposed to open at 9am so sat in an empty corridor waiting... 9.10 someone turns up and unlocks the door. 9.20 hv says I can take him in. 9.30 back to Dr reception.. At the back of a queue of babies, none of whom were sent to be weighed...
10.15(!!) get called by nurse. Cue confused looks between her and me. Turns out idiot boy on reception didn't actually think I wanted the paed (despite that being what I said and being there during the emergency slot), so he'd put me in the queue to see the immunisations nurse!! angry
By this time babybrain was crying as he was past a feed and nap. They offered me appointment at 11.50, but there was no way I could wait around for that. ARGH!

He's clearly still not happy so I have to try again at 8.30am today sad... Which means getting up in 3.5hours hmm
<rant over>

Going to attempt transfer...

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 21-Feb-13 03:27:07

Two feeds, a nappy change and countless hours of shush patting - I have worn a groove in his back by rubbing it. He's in there still twizzling round a bit but at least he is quiet so am back in bed to see what happens.
pink sad at the weight gain, but do remember too that bf babies can be really up and down... Here's hoping for more soon! And grin at the thought that our house is tidy! We knew nothing had been taken because laptops/iPad were right next to living room door and still there.

heff great news about your sister. It must be a relief for everyone including her. Really really hope she gets fantastic staff to help her. Good news on your back, too - it's absolutely exhausting being in constant pain.

mrsn hope baby J is allowing you some lovely sleep! You too, amey

jemima glad things are better!

Right. Self-transfer time I think!

GoatBongosAnonymous Thu 21-Feb-13 03:29:39

brain what crap service from your dr. Can't believe they would not give a baby an emergency appointment. Really really hope you get to see someone very soon.

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