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How to stay awake during night feeds part 7 - put in your orders for sleepy dust!

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TeaandHobnobs Tue 29-Jan-13 23:26:12

Can't believe we are on part 7! and I'm still here

Welcome one and all smile

Susieloo Sat 16-Feb-13 13:00:38

Hello everyone <waves>

I'm also in awe of all the name checking and tend to write me me me posts which is what I'm doing now-dp on duty last night and it was a good night-that's all I'm saying for fear of the jinx .....

Dp arrived home with two bottles of Viognier and a red rosé and a card so I am somewhat mollified. I am going to stay at my friends tonight which I'm half excited about and half feeling stressed and guilty about, dp is quite capable of looking after babyloo and dss on his own I just can't bear the thought of babyloo wanting me and me not being there, I'm sure he won't be remotely bothered, he never is when he goes to my mums for the day, think its just because its overnight, I am v looking forward to going to the pub though and catching up with my friend and I'm hoping after a couple of drinks I'll chill out.

Ramble over and once again apologies not to name check - this thread moves so fast!! Have good nights everyone smile

MissingMyMarbles Sat 16-Feb-13 15:51:35

Hope everyone's having happy Saturdays!

I think we should stop apologising for the me posts and know that we are all there for each other during the stupor of nocturnal sleeplessness that prevents all sensible posting wink

DD1 at a friend's and Missmarbles having a snooze in me while I watch the food channel, hence the mid afternoon post.

GoatBongosAnonymous Sat 16-Feb-13 15:57:12

marbles we spent the morning watching the Great British Menu and Saturday Kitchen - Kid was riveted! I am hoping he will be a fantastic chef and I can dine out regularly in his restaurant...

And yes, we are here for me posts in the middle of the night when there is no one around to lend an ear - especially blissfully slumbering DHs and DPs hmm I know the ratio of rantingness to intelligent reading is strictly dependent on sleep for me!!

TheDarkSideOfTheSpoon Sat 16-Feb-13 18:34:55

Absolutely marbles we are all here for each other to rant, moan, offload etc so please everyone don't ever feel the need to apologise for posting about yourself and how you're feeling.

Doing an early bedtime here, babylump has got herself into a right state screaming, sobbing and real tears sad so the only thing for it is extended bedtime feed and cuddles followed by early bed. Poor baby I don't know what set it off but she was inconsolable for a good 20 minutes, even had to abandon bathtime which is usually a sure fire way to cheer her up. She's calm now and dropping off while feeding, wish I knew what was wrong but I still strongly suspect teeth.

See you all later on xx

MissingMyMarbles Sat 16-Feb-13 18:42:51

Ah Heff, teeth are evil!

We love the food channel in our house, Goatgrin DD1 particularly likes Man v Food. She has a bit of a soft spot for Adam Richman I think!!

larlemucker Sat 16-Feb-13 19:39:09

Dreading baby larles teeth, even tho we've got a while till they come through!
We've been for a lovely family walk today and then a little trip round morrisons.
Finally got our baby book today so looking forward to filling it in tomorrow.
Pancake night tonight, might even treat myself to a glass of wine!!
Hope we all have a better night than last night!!

funchum8am Sat 16-Feb-13 19:50:56

Hmm teething has started here though no teeth through yet. I advise you all to take shares in the company that makes Calpol.

totally agree there is no need to apologize for me me me posts, I love hearing what is going on with everyone!

We are watchin You've Been Framed and eating chicken shop takeaway shock I feel dirty!

GoatBongosAnonymous Sat 16-Feb-13 19:56:33

marbles I would have to confess to a slight soft spot for Adam Richman myself, despite the dubious morals of the programme!

Oh teeth... Kid is a running river of dribble at present. How he doesn't dehydrate into a prune is beyond me.

He is back in his cot tonight. I am determined that half term is the time for sorting an eating routine and learning to sleep in the cot. DH will have to do some night duty - I have done every single night waking since Kid came home, but since am back at work in about 8 weeks he can start getting used to it! Though hopefully by then we will be gently waltzing through the night with perhaps one brief waking at most.


Can you tell I am so sleep deprived I am beginning to hallucinate?!

funch you are my poster girl for persevering with reluctant sleepers!

Susieloo Sat 16-Feb-13 20:00:47

Right so so far babyloo has ripped a page out of his book and tried to eat it and choked so dp pulled it out and cue mass vomiting, dss who is with us this weekend has developed a temperature so is probably getting tonsillitis again and to top it all off dp has managed to drop his phone breaking the screen so I can't really talk to him unless I call the landline which will wake everyone up and I'm an hour away wishing I was at home and going to be getting up very early to go home, dp sounds exhausted and I'm worried about how he will cope tonight if dss is poorly and babyloo wakes a lot-thank god for me me me posts and thank god for you lot, and breathe..............and drink more vino

larlemucker Sat 16-Feb-13 20:09:45

Oh suzie, law of sod moment! Hope you still manage to enjoy your night. I'm sure dp will cope. I find myself constantly telling him how to hold/soothe/rock/feed baby larle and I get told off!!

Susieloo Sat 16-Feb-13 20:12:22

Oh and in case it's not clear all the choking, vomiting and temperature rising has been relayed over the phone because I left at two this afternoon.

MrsNPattz Sat 16-Feb-13 20:21:31

Hello all - oh no Susie! I hope you still manage to enjoy yourself blushyes that's what we are all here for - me me me posts! Keep them coming grin you guys really are the best!

Mum arrived at about 12 and we went to our nieces first birthday party which was nice! Tired now after an interrupted night but yes Funch, I enjoyed it while it lasted lol!

Ameybee Sat 16-Feb-13 20:26:11

We are also suffering teething! Well I think! DS been really off today sad not his usual happy self at all! Given x2 lots calpol, he's sucking his gums but no pink cheeks?! Can only assume is teeth. He's barely napped all day, is in bed now!

Funch - dinner sounds yum!
Oh no susie - always happens when you're not there! I'm a control freak & have only let DH do night duty twice blush I really should let go a bit x
Good luck tonight all x see you later I'm certain!

ChilliBanana Sat 16-Feb-13 20:26:12

susie! They will be fine, try not to worry, I'm sure dp will let you know if there's something he can't cope with <pats hand soothingly> Now go and enjoy your night.

We tried to initiate a bottle of formula before bed tonight but baby chilli was having none of it - I can see this may be a long road! However we have a had a minor miracle: he woke 5mins after I put him in his cot which would usually mean up to half an hour of crying before he'll goback to sleep. Not tonight - tonight he kicked around a bit, tried to eat my hair, then turned away, closed his eyes, and went back to sleep. I can only think that the shh/patting we've been working on during the day is yielding unexpected benefits! Now if only he would sleep longer than 3 hours....

StitchAteMySleep Sat 16-Feb-13 20:31:51

Goat how is kid now, over his snuffles?

Funch ah she has learnt the shriek, it will pass once she learns there are many more interesting noises she can make smile

Brain, it is the same here with my DH. He keeps telling me I should express, but I have never bothered as by the time I have woken him stitch would be screaming and then would want me and would take ages to settle.

susie glad to hear your dh made amends, enjoy your night at your friend's.

Amey the extra oestrogen during pregnancy makes your hair grow for longer therefore making your hair grow thicker. By three months after the baby is born the levels have dropped back to normal for long enough and you lose the extra hair grown in pregnancy. It has taken me until now for that to shedding to slow down and stitch will be 1 next week.

Marbles yes the guinea pigs are indoor pets so run in our hallway. They do wee and poo so you have to sweep and mop afterwards,so you can't do it where there is carpet. They wee and poo more if they get scared too. We put a couple of cardboard box houses out plus a plastic tunnel so they can hide if they get scared.

Pink I want your bed too! You do need a big bed with three, especially because small children seem to only sleep horizontally grin

heff bless your dd showing the dentist her teddy's teeth smile

Sorry if I have missed anyone Stitch asleep, am going to attempt transfer, her temperature has gone back up again and her cough is worse, predicting another night in the bathroom.

Wishing good nights for all x

StitchAteMySleep Sat 16-Feb-13 20:40:33

Transfer fail.

Sorry if some of my comments were out of date, started writing that post before dinner and got side tracked.

Susie sad How old is dss? DP will be fine, we all manage somehow when we have to.

Glad you had a good time at the party MrsN

Heff poor babylump that does sound like teeth.

Right transfer attempt mark two.

MissingMyMarbles Sat 16-Feb-13 21:04:32

Stitch we did let them in the old house from time to time (wooden floors) but as you say, can't do it where there are carpets.

Aw crap, Susie! Larle is right - law of sod, BUT she and Chilli are also right, they'll be ok, and he'll get in touch if he needs to. Have a good night.

Goat we are trying to get DH and Missmarbles used to the idea that they will have to talk to each other at night too, as I am back to work in about 6 weeks too, and thus far DH has got up in the night errm..... Twice?

So far, so good tonight. Not saying anymore at this point......

funchum8am Sat 16-Feb-13 21:22:42

susie they will be fine, your OH is a responsible adult, and hopefully will appreciate all you do even more after this. Hope you are way down a bottle of something lovely grin

Am watching the Matrix at DH's request as he didn't get it fully first time and I mentioned we used it to teach philosophy A level. doesn't mean I get it either but he has given up and gone to bed as he is doing first feed at around 1 and is a bit broken from rugby! We are sharing nights as it is half term. I salute those of you who have done all the nights on your own...I would have throttled DH by now if he didn't do early mornings and weekends!

TheDarkSideOfTheSpoon Sat 16-Feb-13 22:12:36

susie they will be ok, I know its so difficult to switch off and not worry but really hope you've managed to enjoy yourself tonight wine

funch that is one of my all time favourites, have lost track of how many times I've seen it but DH hates it so I have to watch it on my own but that's ok because I can perve on Keanu reeves in private

DH has never done a night, but then I've always thought that's the unavoidable downside of ebf, and tbh I'd only stress and interfere anyway. Hopefully once babylump is older he'll start taking her out on Sunday mornings when he and dd1 go for breakfast and the park. I think dd1 was about 9 months when he started taking we're halfway there with dd2 confused

First feed nearly done, bit annoyed that she woke the second I came up to bed but hopefully a top up now might mean more hours snoozing later <deluded>

Night all xx

MissingMyMarbles Sat 16-Feb-13 22:54:39

That's what I'd always thought too, Heff, re DH and also the interfering grin He is excellent with DD1, and I think that probably began when I went back to work after her; he had to get on with it and I had to let him. I suppose I have had the odd lie in/ return to bed, if I've got up and fed then he's taken her downstairs or whatever, that doesn't count though as he's getting up anywaywink

MrsNPattz Sat 16-Feb-13 23:35:49

First feed here - not very impressed as he has only been asleep 2 hours!! How can he go from sleeping 7-9 hours, to needing fed after 2 hmm

MrsNPattz Sat 16-Feb-13 23:55:12

And now a transfer fail, I hate being annoyed at little man but it's hard not to sometimes sad

BrainGoneAwol Sun 17-Feb-13 01:00:01

mrsn hope transfer has happened...
Susie hope you are surviving... I'm sure babyloo is fine smile

Ebf here as well so no respite by dp unless I can be sure babybrain doesn't need food. Which is only ever at initial settling once the day has started.

First wake here after bed at 8.30, which took many resettles. Babybrain seems suddenly more aware of being put in is bed and is now waking when I lift him off my lap hmm Not quite sure how to deal with this. I swing between wanting to let him learn to sleep through in his own time to wondering if everyone else is right and I should sleep train him though I'm such a useless pushover I'm not sure I can

In other news, we went swimming and babybrain loved it! How do you all manage on your own? Dp and I went together and it was hard enough to get us all dry and dressed afterwards!

hmm There's been a dog barking all evening and I can still hear it. It's clearly outside and isn't howling, just barking but its too cold to be left out sad. I'm wondering if someone has gone away and shut it out. Might report it if it's still there in the morning.

Sleepy dust to to you all

StitchAteMySleep Sun 17-Feb-13 01:45:18

Second feed here. More because she has a blocked nose and can't breathe than for hunger, but I suppose it hydrates her too.

She seems to have leaked out of her nappy too, so I will have to change her, hoping I can do it without her waking up.

GoatBongosAnonymous Sun 17-Feb-13 02:32:26


Do NOT forget to put baby in night nappy. Cue large leak at 10pm which of course woke h up as we had to change everything including sheet. He had been blissfully asleep, took two hours to settle again. And then again at 1, 1:30, and now this is the 2am feed.

Did I mention? AARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!

Hope you are having a fab time susie and that all is quiet on the texting front smile

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