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11 mth old - won't breastfeed in day, guzzles all night

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FadBook Tue 29-Jan-13 18:40:46

I night-weaned as bf'ing at night became unbearable for our family. I was happy to bf during the day but dd was too busy to stop and feed at that age! I waited until 12months and then followed Dr Jay Gordon's method, which is a gentle night weaning method. I did document a sort of diary on a thread under a different name. Pm me if you'd like the link.

It helped us loads, her bf's during the day became more meaningful and she increased her solids too. It all just slotted in for us and was a big turning point. I must admit I'm glad I did it at 12 months and not any later, I have friends struggling now at 18 months plus to stop at night.

Dd still bf'ed now and she's 18 months, so it hasn't stopped completely, which I'm pleased about (would like her to self wean).

Other tips:
Try set times to feed during the day, calm room, no tv, distractions

eatssleepsfeeds Tue 29-Jan-13 18:32:09

Has anyone else had this?

My DD2 has always been a strange little feeder even before weaning on solids.

I'm lucky if she even has a couple of minutes worth of breastmilk during the day. This has been going on for a couple of months.

However, at night it's a different story. She wakes up every few hrs and I just feed her back to sleep.

No problem for her -she's probably getting the full day's milk quota during hhat time and is putting on the correct weight etc. Except it's all going on during ungodly hours every night and frankly, I'm ready for a break. I've not had an uninterrupted night's kip for nearly a year now and it's getting me down.

If she drank the milk during the day then I would feel a bit more at ease at settling her back to aleep with other methods but fear that if I don't give her the milk then, then she simply won't have it.

I offer her milk during the day at the times when she's most likely to feed - I know all that. It's been going on for so long now that II can't see it as being some kind of a temporary strike.

Not even sure why I'm posting. Just cannot see how to resolve and am almoat resigned that something will have to give at some point and our breastfeeding relationship is coming to an end.

Any words of wisdom?

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