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Tiktok - reassurance, please?

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BuntyCollocks Tue 29-Jan-13 18:31:53

I've seen your excellent advice, and am hoping for some directed my way smile

DD is 5 weeks on Saturday. Lost 8% of birth weight, and is slowly gaining it back - had a bad start due to a posterior tongue tie (snipped on day 9), and an awful cold, followed by a cough which required antibiotics. Her last dose of these was last Monday.

She had normal, yellow poo up until 2 weeks ago tomorrow. She is now having green poo with yellow seeds, which is very mucusy.

I was told by the lovely lady who did the revision to double pump after feeds to increase/maintain supply - I've been doing this and giving the pumped milk at about 8pm - usually 2 - 3 oz.

The other issue is that I've had a breast reduction, so I'm protective of my milk supply and really don't think it can be oversupply causing the green poo.

She is a very alert, happy baby, who sleeps and naps well, wakes for feeds, and she is now consistently gaining weight (last three weeks were 2oz, 2oz and 3oz as of today's weigh in).

Midwife said to keep an eye on it, health visitor says her gut is irritated and it's oversupply, I've read it could be a virus, or that the antibiotics have changed her gut flora and it could take some time to get back to normal.

Can I please ask your thoughts on it, and also on the slow weight gain?

Thank you in advance - sorry for the lengthy post, but I really feel a bit all at sea, and no one seems to have any real answers or advice that I can access.

tiktok Tue 29-Jan-13 19:10:10

Bunty, difficult for me to say anything on a health issue like this - but here are some discussion points to share with the midwife/hv:
* why would it be oversupply? (doesn't sound anything like it to me)
* is the ebm you are giving her making her go longer between feeds? If so, stop smile
* how many times is she feeding? Are you using at least both breasts frequently and offering at least both breasts each session?
* is she beyond birthweight now?
* antibiotics do cause green poo in babies - do they not think it could be that?
* what about the possibility everything is just fine? smile

BuntyCollocks Tue 29-Jan-13 21:34:45

Thank you!

The ebm makes no difference to her feeding, thankfully; she cluster feeds from 5-11 each night, usually has the milk at 8, and is then straight back on the boob.

I've been offering both breasts each session without fail - she often falls asleep on the boob, and I use compressions, and switch nurse each session. She feeds every 2-3 hours, aside from the cluster feeding where she just feeds pretty much constantly.

She's 3oz short of birth weight now - I think they think as it's been over a week since her last dose it shouldn't be the antibiotics.

No one has said it might just be fine!

Hv heard green poo and the automatic leap was oversupply just based on colour.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 30-Jan-13 09:54:44

Jack Newman suggests that mothers wear sunglasses when changing nappies - to help them ignore the poo colour. I wouldn't worry about the colour, and focus on getting her to feed as often as possible, and, as tiktok says, offer at least both breasts at every feed. (And maybe consider breast compression?)

ghoulelocks Wed 30-Jan-13 11:03:46

just to chip in, my dd lost just over 10% (severe jaundice contributed) and it took about 4-5 weeks to regain bw. Noone seemed too worried, but then didn't see hv until after she was dicharged from midwife at 27 days.

DressMe Wed 30-Jan-13 11:41:29

Don't know if it helps, but ds had 3 lots of antibiotics before he was 3 months old (infection at birth, meningitis and another infection). Each time it took him about 10 days for his poo to get back to normal, and he often had green poo. As he was gaining weight and otherwise well, nobody worried. He's fine now. Sounds like you're doing g a great job.

BuntyCollocks Wed 30-Jan-13 21:02:06

Thank you, everyone. We had a moment last night - pink mucus in her nappy. Was at dr this morning and she doesn't think it's anything to worry about, but took a stool sample. The antibiotics were mentioned, as was the possibility of a little infection, an allergy ...

Results tomorrow.

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