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Is it thrush............ds2 10 weeks old?

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mumbojumbo Thu 15-Jan-04 15:46:00

Hi there MN's, can you help?

My ds2 is nearly 10 weeks old and exclusively breastfed. He has white spots and a white coating on his tongue. Doesn't seem bothered by it and is feeding well. I've tried to wipe his tongue gently to see if the spots will come of (in case its milk) but they don't seem to. Can't see any other patches of white anywhere else in his mouth.

I've had a quick surf to see what I can find out on the internet. I've not got any symptoms of thrush myself (I've never had it.......)

I'm also b'fing my toddler who is 2 at bedtime and he seems to be OK. Mind you, we've all just had a lousy cold and the boys have both had conjunctivitus and antibiotics.

What do you think? If it is thrush, do I need to rush to my GP for antibiotics or will it get better on its own.

Hope this makes sense, I seem to be having trouble stringing a sentence together today!

squirmyworm Thu 15-Jan-04 15:59:22

Hello ds and I both had thrush and the worst thing for him seemed to be the nasty little nappy rash it caused. We were given Daktaryn gel - I was told to rub it on my nipples (it's orange flavoured so it feels a bit ann summers) and ds had it on his gums and tongue. He loved it. Cleared everything up in about 2 weeks though the pain I had on feeding continued a bit longer. GP said it wouldn't clear up on its own BUT I have to say that both midwives and GP were unsure about thrush diagnosis (not suprising really as baby symptoms didn't include much white mouth stuff) and it was at the specialist breast feeding clinic that they confirmed it- well worth going if you've got one local to you. Good luck

M2T Thu 15-Jan-04 16:02:45

If it is thrush then you will get an antifungal cream. Antibiotics don't treat fungal infections and can actually trigger them. It's very easy to treat though and it clears up very quickly IME.

Lucky you never having had thrush! I've had it numerous times ..... down below...ahem.
And I've also had it in my throat. Yuck!

motherinferior Thu 15-Jan-04 16:06:58

I had it with dd1. Is it itchy and horrible?

Mine cleared up with antifungal cream. I've read on MN that you have to wash all your bras on hot too but I think that was too complicated for me at the time.

Janstar Thu 15-Jan-04 16:18:35

My ds just had this and it was antibiotics over Christmas that caused it. He is 3 and the doc prescribed nystatin drops and probiotics. In effect this means we have been giving him live yogurt and yakult two or three times a day. This restores the balance of his natural flora to prevent a recurrance.

Unfortunately my dd and I now have sore tongues and I think we have caught it. Must have given ds too many kisses.

Kika Fri 16-Jan-04 17:15:51

Hi Mumbojumbo,

I have the same thing with my 11 week old son at the moment. It started a week ago, white spots/dots on his tongue. The public health nurse advised to get "Mycostatin" to sort it out, and it is definitely he;lping. By now, he only has a few white spots.
It's a non-prescreption oral suspension that you get in the pharmacy. You need to buy two, one for you and one for the baby, so you don't infect eachother.
Once a day, you give a drop to your baby about 5 mins after feed, and a couple of times a day, you need to rub some on your nipples about 5 mins after feeding.

The nurse told me to keep using this "Mycostatin" for about a week after the through ( white spots) have disappeared.

Carla Fri 16-Jan-04 17:22:59


I do remember dd2 having it at about the same age, and she did need antibiotics for it. I don't think you need to rush, but it might be as well to see the GP as soon as you can - ours are open till 11.30 tomorrow - does yours do the same sort of thing?

lydialemon Fri 16-Jan-04 17:39:32

Ds2 had it a few time from about 5 days. I always wondered if it was connected to the numerous bouts of thrush I had during the pregnancy - never got it with the other 2!. We used Daktarin gel, but bought it from late night pharmacy on NHS Directs advice ( very late, but DS couldn't feed 'cos of the thrush). Hope your DS gets over it soon!

morocco Fri 16-Jan-04 18:08:44

make sure you also use a cream on your nipples after each feed (small layer only but very important) as if you catch thrush on your nipples you will certainly know about it!!!

mumbojumbo Fri 16-Jan-04 20:08:56

Hi all

Just wanted to say thanx for all your advice - I'm very grateful to you all.....will get in touch with my doc as I hate to see my ds suffering.

Cheers again!

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