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How to get 4 month old to take more milk in day

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Ameybee Sun 27-Jan-13 16:13:56

DS is now 18 weeks and fully FF. during the day he takes 4-5oz only but then wakes at least x2 during night & will drink 8oz! How can I get him to take more in day? He never seems hungry first thing & its frustrating making bottles up & him not drinking them!
General routine:
45 min naps every 2 hours, bath & wind down from 6pm. Bed between 7-8pm, will usually go till 11/12 and take full bottle. Then up at 3, sometimes 5 and just generally unsettled. shock

Any help greatly appreciated! X

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 27-Jan-13 16:50:17

Firstly waking at this age is perfectly normal for all babies, no matter how they are fed. The current advice is to feed on demand, which Lo is doing.

Having said all of that there are things you can do to encourage him.

Try feeding him in a quiet, maybe dark, room for some feeds in he day. At this age they are very inquisitive and sometimes only take enough to take the edge off their hunger. Limiting distractions can help.

Make sure he is getting out at least once every day, ideally twice. The sunlight helps to get them to distinguish day from night and can encourage sleep.

Wear him out. Try swimming, sessions at the library like rhyme time, play groups or one of the sessions at your local children's centre. Mine always ate more after anything like this. Even watching the older children at play group can tire them out and make them more hungry.


Ameybee Mon 28-Jan-13 02:09:16

Will give those things a try - thanks! Awake now sad although downing a full bottle so semi hopeful of some more kip! X

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