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Adding gaviscon to bottles. Tips?

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bonzo77 Thu 24-Jan-13 20:22:15

DS 7 weeks is FF and has mild silent reflux. He has been much better on a combo of comfort formula + gaviscon. I make feeds with 70deg water, rapid chill then store in fridge. Reheat and then add gaviscon and shake. Using number 2 teats on tommee tippee bottles. The teats are getting blocked. Any suggestions? Faster flow teat, something else? DS1 never had reflux. I used to add powder to room temperature water and feed. I know it's not what you are meant to do. I want to do the same with DS2 but I tried it and the blockages are even worse! What does everyone else do?

BollyGood Thu 24-Jan-13 23:09:52

Hello, gaviscon is such a faff! We had to use it too. You could either, use a hot needle to gently widen the teat hole so it opens just enough and the milk doesn't pour out. I seem to remember having a degree of success with this but it was almost 7 years ago! Buying new teats is also an option but they may not work and are expensive.Or, try the breastfeeding instructions for gaviscon , we did that too although second dd would not take it but it is worth a try. You can mix it with water or a bit of milk and feed using either a syringe or spoon before the feed. It will still work in the same way and if you can get your ds to have it then the feed will be so much easier. Good luck and hope the reflux goes away very soon x

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