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How many bf does your 8 month have?

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Giraffeshoes Thu 24-Jan-13 20:08:43

My DS is just about to turn 8 months. He doesn't 'demand' BF any more so I offer when he wakes up for the day, mid morn, mid eve and before he goes to sleep. I was offering more frequently but he was not remotely interested. He likes his food and has 3 meals per day. In past few days he has started refusing mid morn feed. The mid aft one is v v short (few minutes).
So now he only has 3 ''full" feeds in a 24 period - early AM when he wakes, before he goes to sleep for the night and once during the night. He is gaining weight, meeting all dev milestones, crawling, pulling up etc. Essentially, my question is should I be concerned that he is not getting enough milk or is this within the range of normal for an 8 month old? Thanks smile

fleecypjs Thu 24-Jan-13 22:00:03

My DS is also almost 8 months too and the same. Big BF morning, before bed and normally once in the night. Just a few other small feeds during the day when offered (mid morning and mid afternoon), which I think he would not be too fussed about missing out on. Seems to really have taken to food. I spoke to HV about it and she had no concerns at all given that he is still tracking same percentile line, happy and very active. After having some worries about what seemed to me to be quite a sudden drop in BFs, I am going with the flow and trusting DS to take what he needs.

LimeFlower Sat 26-Jan-13 21:40:02

DS similar age, 1 BF during the day(5 ish in the afternoon) and a few in the night time (he wakes up because he's teething).

Would love to BF longer,took 1 year maternity leave for this purpose and looks like I don't need it.

It makes me sad as BF was our very special time together sad

Any chance to reverse it?

mousebacon Sat 26-Jan-13 22:29:27

My ds is the same these days. Full feed at about 6.45. Not really fussed at 10.30. Small feed at 2.30. Full feed at 6.45pm then once in the night.

He has 3 meals a day though and is still on the 91st centimetres beast

I feel a bit sad about it gradually coming to an end too, lime

Giraffeshoes Sat 26-Jan-13 23:06:41

Thank you for responses Fleecy, lime and mouse - seems like there are some similar patterns emerging! Do you offer your DCs EBM/formula/water in a bottle/cup during the day and if so do they have much?

LimeFlower Sat 26-Jan-13 23:21:52

Giraffe,DS is offered water after every snack and meal,he's always been on mixed feed due to some issues,managed to reduce formula to 1 bottle at bed time(7oz).

I used to give him water in beaker but now he gets it from ordinary cup(I don't let him hold the cup though).He takes a few gulps.

I'd like to offer him breastmilk more often but after at least 3 feeds at night I'm empty till lunchtime,in the afternoon he'll take a bit but not a lot.

Just got my period back(sorry if TMI) so obviously my body has adjusted accordingly sad

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