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5 m.o. soooo hungry!

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flotoller Thu 24-Jan-13 15:05:31

My 5 m.o. DS is just insatiable. The last time we got a decent night sleep was christmas eve. Since then he just hasn't stopped. I'm aware of the 4 month growth spurt but thought it was meant to last up to 2 weeks... We're still going eek. A good night for us now is up 3 times a night for a half hour feed each time. I'm not holding off on any of his feeds, I just went back to feeding on demand because it keeps him happier. But we can be feeding at least every hour on the dot during the day too. I have tried topping him up with a bit of pureed carrot but it didn't do anything so back to the boob it was. I'm trying desperately to wait till the 6 month mark to start introducing solids. But at the moment I'm just trying to hold on to my sanity too!

Tinyflutterby Thu 24-Jan-13 16:02:58

Hi there, my son was a big baby and he was hungry all the time, feeding really frequently and huge amounts. It got to the stage that I was practically housebound as every time I tried to go anywhere he would scream and need fed again and I either never got out the door or didn't make it as far as my destination as I would have to stop and feed him again. I was made to feel so guilty by the HV for weaning him earlier than the recommended 6 months, but in the end mum knows best and if all the signs are there that they need more than just milk and they are over the previous recommendation of 4 months, then I would go for it.

flotoller Thu 24-Jan-13 16:22:53

Yeah we're pretty much housebound at the moment. It's fine if we're out for coffee or lunch but otherwise i can only manage a half hour trip to the shops before getting shouted at again. He had quite a low birth weight and difficulties with bfing to begin with, but we spent some time with my midwife correcting his latch and since then he's not stopped! Suppose I shouldn't complain really :-)

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