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When should you move to faster flow teats?

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FlatFacedArmy Wed 23-Jan-13 08:56:36

DS is 16 weeks old. The last week he's been messing about during feeds, acting like he's starving, drinking the first 3 or 4 ounces then starting to dribble, push the bottle away with his tongue and his hands, kick and wriggle. I'd started letting him grab my finger as I feed him so he can push the bottle away or pull it towards him, but once we stop half-way for burping I never get him to settle down and take the rest. We moved up to 7 ozs recently once he passed 7kgs and there was no problem til now.

He's still on the 1mo teats, and I wondered if he's getting frustrated at the slow delivery of the milk? He still acts like he's hungry - he tries to shove the muslin in his mouth with both hands but he is a big boy and it's an effort to wrestle him into submission and get the bottle in place - only for him to reject it and go after the cloth again. All the kicking is much more difficult to manage at this age too!

Out of ideas really. Anyone?

BarmeeMarmee Wed 23-Jan-13 08:59:34

I think the guidance for the second stage teats is 3 months although as with everything all babies are different - we've just switched up for DD at 10 weeks and its made such a difference. It might well be worth a go-does sound like he's possibly getting frustrated and bored to me. Good luck!

BarmeeMarmee Wed 23-Jan-13 09:00:48

Also I've discovered if I don't stop to burp DD half way through and just do it at the end she'll take the lot, if I pause half way through she loses interest.

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