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growth spurt or teething

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SuperLuLu Sat 19-Jan-13 22:23:25

Hi parents,
I have been a lucky mum my 15 week dd has been sleeping through from around 8pm-8am for the last 4 weeks. For the last few nights she has been waking during in the night, although she has been able to settle herself.
Last night, however she woke at 5.30am and after crying for a few minutes i plucked her out her moses with the aim of comforting, i put her back to bed after around 15 minutes, to which she grizzled for a while longer, i then decided maybe she was hungry and went down to make a bottle. By the time i got back she was asleep, and then didn,t wake until 8.50am for a feed, although she sounded pretty unsettled on and off until them. She also sounded snuffly and coughed alot during this waking, but seems fine during the day.
She has been a little out of character during the day, fussing at feed times, grumpy in evenings, taking smaller feeds, but sometimes an extra bottle before bed. Her checks have been quite flushed, but gums dont look particulary sore...she has been eating hands, dribbly but i know this can be normal behaviour at this stage to.
Any opinions on if this is growth spurt or teething? Also, more importantly should i offer her the extra bottle at this earlier waking? Or will i ruin the routine she was in?

DoItToJulia Sun 20-Jan-13 02:02:23

Ah, little mite! It could be either, but regardless, I think 15weeks is still very little and would feed on demand.

This is just what I would do though, so I guess you need to do what's right for you. Good luck, hope she seems better soon.

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