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How 'easy' was bfing 2nd time around?

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happyfrogger Sat 19-Jan-13 06:00:08

My 9mo is EBF 3 milk feeds a day now. We were lucky to have a relatively straight forward journey with just a couple of blocked ducts etc - but it took several months before it was consistently easy and pain-free.

Now I'm 5 weeks pregnant I'm wondering if it will be like riding a bike for the next one or if we will go through the same sort of learning curve - after all, the new baby hasn't breastfed before!

I am anticipating a gap of a 4-5 months of stopping (for various but mainly logistical reasons) so won't be 'burning on through' until the next one is born.


TheDarkSideOfTheSpoon Fri 25-Jan-13 16:25:28

I have been very lucky with both of mine.

DD1 was a very good feeder, we had minimal latch issues on the early days but otherwise a very happy year of bf. I worried like hell when dd2 was due that I'd experience the flip side of the bf coin but she's actually been even better than dd1.

After pains, otoh, were horrible second time round. Take paracetamol when offered and try not to have baby directly resting on your stomach when you start feeding as that seems to exacerbate them. Lasted maybe 4 days then its been plain sailing since.

Congratulations and good luck with it all smile

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