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introducing a cup - is it normal to get more on the baby than in them to start with?

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Oodsigma Thu 17-Jan-13 13:13:55

At that age it's more about baby lapping (like a cat) than drinking like and older child ( hope that makes sense or someone can explain it better!) so it's getting the milk to the mouth rather than tipping it in.

McBaby Thu 17-Jan-13 12:46:32

Been trying with bottle since 6 weeks with little success she is now 22 weeks. I have tried the sippy cup a d doidy and yesterday she took about 3oz out of doidy with some spilt down her. Hoping she gets more efficient with practice.

megandraper Thu 17-Jan-13 11:32:24

DD wouldn't take a beaker/cup until 13 months and even then only from people other than me.

Don't stress about it too much - you are right, he can wait for you if he needs to, and if not, he will accept one from someone else more readily than from you.

I only started DD on a cup at 6 months, when she started weaning. And iirc she doesn't drink significant amounts from them till 10 months. We have the doidy cup but have no luck with it. DD still enjoys tipping the entire content of the cup on her more than drinking from it. (And she's 21 months now). We are using the tommee tippee first cup, the cheapest one you can find in all the supermarkets, sometime for £1.

I tried very hard to get DD to drink from bottles, but she never took to it (after started refusing from 4mo). However, a week into nursery, and she started feeding herself with a bottle! That's when she was 7 months. The difference is she drinks it like a cup, holding the bottle herself and sitting up. Nothing of that cradle hold feeding like a newborn, iyswim. We were using the brown latex NUK teats. She will only bite the tommee tippee CTN bottles, not knowing how to suckle them.

Babies are very resilient. And they'll behave differently when they know you are there. And obviously they are very good at copying other babies too, especially when they get to 6+ months.

aamia Thu 17-Jan-13 11:13:09

I really don't think I've got the technique right! Have given up on bottles after bf DS first refused Tommee Tippee when he started teething, then the Advent ones (which had been acceptable to start with!). He will take milk if it take the top off the bottle and tip little bits into his mouth at a time, but I seem to get at least the same amount on him as in him! Have ordered a Doidy cup from Amazon, but really need to get the technique right as I go back to work in a couple of weeks. It's not desperate until March (in Feb I'm only working 5 hours a day so if it comes to it I guess he will just wait for me), but would feel a lot better if he would take milk from something when I'm not there! He is 17 weeks now.

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