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one side or both at a feed?? confused...and really sore

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KMR281 Wed 16-Jan-13 14:24:40

hi, ds3 is one week old today, have very sore nipples, but hoping that will pass with time (butnot too much time, as REALLY hurts). anyway, midwife has advised to offer both boobs at one feed, so feed on one side, burp him, then offer other side. Don't remember doing this for ds1 or ds2, and am not sure - what if most times he just falls aslepp, so only has one side, then sometimes has both? will this make milk production more difficult to settle down? Am still at the massively huge boob stage, and very sore, so trying rugby hold as well as across the body. But when he gets on (finally, after a bit of faffing, and crying) it is incredibly sore, think might be where he is gumming my areole?? any wise words on how to cope with the 2 boob thing (or could I just stick to one boob per feed? why is 2 boobs better than 1?), and sore boobs would be gratefully accepted. Manage more in day, but thru the night when it feelslike constant feeding, it is hard. TIA.

SunnyUpNorth Wed 16-Jan-13 14:37:39

Hi there, my ds is 2 weeks old so I'm going through similar to you but thankfully the engorgement has settled down and my nipples, although still very sensitive, are much better and not red raw anymore! So hopefully by next week you'll feel better.

With my dd she only ever fed one side per feed. If I offered the other side she wasn't interested so I just took it in turns with each side per feed

Ds on the other hand feeds SO much! Not sure if its a boy vs girl thing. He still seems hungry after draining one side so I'm burping him and then usually offering the other side. He doesn't have as much from the second breast so I'm starting with that one at the next feed and so on.

I preferred the one sided as I felt I knew where the next lot of milk was coming from whereas now I'm worried about the supply replenishing in time for the next feed. I feel like a milk machine at the mo!

Good luck with it.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 16-Jan-13 14:38:45

Think the one boob thing is fine if dc3 is gaining weight well and you have enough wet and dirty nappies. If he's asleep it's going to be hard to get him to take the other side but if you are concerned about his weight, its probably best to try.

Really feel for you with your boobs. Have you read kellymom on engorgement. What does your mw say? Have you had your latch checked and has Lo been checked for tongue tie?

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 16-Jan-13 14:40:49

Sunny feeding from one side only is usually the advice given to reduce supply so please don't worry about offering both sides and your supply, it will boost your supply smile

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 16-Jan-13 14:41:42

Both boobs and then a third if still going, is the best way to avoid engorgement, build supply and ensure your baby is getting all they need.

It doesn't then matter which you start with next time. You'll find you chose the fullest naturally, and if you don't it will be a bit harder for baby so will stop earlier, allowing you to switch.

Welovecouscous Wed 16-Jan-13 14:43:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MamaMary Wed 16-Jan-13 14:48:18

My health visitor told me to offer the same side twice to get to the hind milk- had anyone else been given this advice?

DD will normally take from the same side twice, then from the other side once. Doesn't seem to be a problem.

TripleRock Wed 16-Jan-13 14:50:50

Offering the other side too is the best policy, it doesn't matter if they don't always take it or only take a little.

I used to change DDs nappy between boobs so she was a bit more awake for the other side.

SunnyUpNorth you don't need to worry about replenishing, it won't run out. Removing the milk from your breast is what causes more to be made so feeding often from both sides is actually beneficial for your supply.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 16-Jan-13 14:51:05

mama not really sure your HV understands how milk production works. Although you could always print that off for her if you likegrin

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 16-Jan-13 14:51:39

No. Your HVs training needs updating and whilst it isn't a problem for you it coukd spell the end of bfing for another so complain.

Welovecouscous Wed 16-Jan-13 15:01:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 16-Jan-13 15:02:08

Actually agree, I think you should suggest that her training on bfing needs updating. Not sure who you would complain to though, perhaps someone can advise?

KMR281 Wed 16-Jan-13 17:55:15

great, I knew mumsnet would know the answer. So, just to make sure I've got this right - offering both sides during one feed is good practice, and will help to prevent/reduce engorgement. I would first offer the side that ws 2nd the last time, and if baby doesn't want the 2nd side, that's ok. Also, I could keep switching if baby is mega hungry. I would know that baby is finished with first side as will come off by himself and have 'unlatched'. Phew, feel less confused now - thank-you all. Plus, he just fed, and after the first 'ooch', it didn't hurt! break-through!

I found my ds would go longer between feeds if I made sure to wake him up after one boob (nappy change is ideal) then give him the other. If I didn't do this I'd end up feeding him every hour!

You also need to remember that boobs are factories, not warehouses. They don't store much milk, they make most of it on demand. I found that a really helpful image to bear in mind

And congratulations about the not hurting! Wonderful progress smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 16-Jan-13 18:10:34

Yes that's right smile and glad the hurting has reduced too. Now I need to think of a way to stress out makes so she starts baking us cakes grin

Hah! I'm trying to work from home with a teething coldy baby cakes. I don't need any help! Have a sultana and cinnamon bun

thesnowmanrocks Thu 17-Jan-13 11:00:25

Iv'e had no input from hv regarding bf. No one was botherd as she never lost weight after birth and is putting on well.
So i'm merrilly bf as seems to ve going well. I feed dd one side, next feed the other. Sometimes she can go 4hrs and at others 30 mins or less. Dm has said 'oo don't you offer both? In my day you were told too, but then that was 30 odd yr ago and much has changed!' I'm no as thought it's going ok so why change!

Thing is, should I be offering both? Does it make supply better? As I've always seemed fuller in left side. So should I be doing this instead of what i'm doing now?

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 17-Jan-13 11:18:09

I think if your baby is gaining weight and growing nicely, and you are happy with the space of the feeds, then its fine to carry on smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 17-Jan-13 11:19:43

sultana and cinnamon bun you say? Yum yum.

thesnowmanrocks Thu 17-Jan-13 11:31:46

So if I would like dd to go longer between feeds then I should offer both? But as I'm only doing one side then it's not really filling her as she feeds so often? Have I understood right?

If her feeds are very close together then that is certainly something you can try.

thesnowmanrocks Thu 17-Jan-13 12:13:12

Oh so it could help with that then? Thanx so much will definatly give it a go with next feed. So is offering both the usuall thing to do then?

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 17-Jan-13 12:34:33

Think most offer both under 6 months, you'll know your supply, feeding spaces and baby better than anyone else.

It is worth trying if you want to space feeds out, another thing to try are breast compressions.

thesnowmanrocks Thu 17-Jan-13 13:03:47

Thankyou so much am currently trying itt now so shall see?!
Breast compressions? What's that then? Didn't know there was so much sort of technical stuff to this bf!

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